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How Do I Do a Background Check?

I need to do a background check (on myself!) but am not sure how to go about it. Do I contact the police or is it an agency that does it? I've done it before, many years ago, so I know it is possible, I am just not sure how. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks R.

1st Day of School

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Ideas for Something Special for First Day of Kindergarten?

Hi! Anyone do something special for their kindergartener on their first day of school? A special breakfast? Outfit? Keepsake? Craft? My son starts kindergarten soon and I would like to do something a little special. Thanks!!


First Day of School!

I have a daughter who will be starting kindergarten and a son who will be...

After School Care

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After School Care

I am looking into after school child care. What should I expect to pay?

Day Care Centers & Providers

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6 Year Old Who Snores

My 6 year old daughter has snored for as long as I can remember. I took her to her Ear, Nose and Throat doctor and he recommended surgery to have her tonsils and adenoids removed. I know this is a common procedure but it still seems a little drastic to me. Are there any alternatives to surgery to help her snoring and get a better night's sleep?

Gifted & Talented Child

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Gifted and Talented School

My daughter tested above the 9th stanine on the GATES test and was invited to attend a new school. Liberty Talented and Gifted Elementary school. It will be a full time gifted school for kids who tested only in the 9th stanine or higher. She will have to be bused to this school from her old one. Have any of you had children who have attended such a school? She will be in 3rd grade and has been in gifted classes since kindergarten. Do you think its worth it at this young of an age (she will be 8 in August) ? She does really enjoy her...

Home Schooling

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To Home-School or Not ??

Hi there. I need advice. My husband and I are pretty determined that we want to home-school. My son will be 5 in a week, so he technically could be in kindergarden in August. We also have a daughter that will be 3 in July, and a 5 mos old, too. So-here are my questions? How do we even begin to get started? Who do you contact to get info? What do we do to still keep him active with kids his own age? He has been going to pre-school 2 days a week -- but now all those kids are going off to "school". How do you balance...

Nanny Share

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6 Year Old Behavior... Ugh!

I have a 6 year old daughter who is in 1st grade, a great student, a very sweet intelligent child and very respectful to everyone she speaks to. She is very well spoken and very social. She and I have lots of us time together! She always tell me no and yells back at me. I am a full time working mom and my hubby is an over the road truck driver. She is the youngest of my kids the others being 13, 15, & 17. However she is rude and talks back to to mom. Talks back, yells at everyone including her brother and sisters. Anyone having...

Preparing for First Day

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Preparing for Kindergarten

My oldest daughter will be starting kindergarten in a few weeks and I'm in a flurry trying to get everything ready. Gathering school supplies, clothes, making after school care/child care arrangements, making sure I have all her records with the school. I started to think about it that we are doing everything within our power to make this new transition as easy for her as possible but no one is preparing me. :) I was looking at the Welcome to the School Letter that I received in the mail and almost burst into tears. I remember bringing...

Preparing for Kindergarten

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5 Year Old with No Attention Span

Hello, My 5 year old son is in Kindergarten. He is a great kid and gets along well with others. The problem that we are having seems to be his attention span. He's a young 5 in the class (most kids start at 6 now it seems). He sits in the front so the teacher can help keep him on task but he turns around when someone is talking and is slow to turn around or gets distracted easily. I don't believe it's ADD or ADHD it's more like either he's insterested or not. I'm not sure what to do to help this. Is it something that will happen as...

Preschool & Head Start

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Is There a Pre Pre K?

Hi I heard that there is a pre pre-k for children under 3 years old. Does anyone know of a school that offers something educational (not day care) for kids under 3. My daughter is 2 yrs old, I would like to put her in a class that would prepare her for pre k (and give me some free time, and it would get her to be less attached to 'mommy') thanks!


Pre-K Or No Pre-K?

What is everyone's opinion of doing a year of Pre-K before starting...


Pre K Vs. K

My son just turned 4 in December, and should be going to Pre-K this fall....


K Or Pre-K

My daughter will be 5 Sept 3rd and I'm not sure which program to put her in....

Public vs. Private

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Private to Public and Public to Private

Have you ever had to take your child out of private school and place them into public school for a certain reason or vice versa, take them from public and place them in private. What were your reasons for doing so, the pros and cons of each, your experiences, advice and recommendations. Thank you.


Public or Private

Are your children in public school or private or home school? Why did you...

Readiness to Start

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Moody 5 Year Old

Around the time my daughter started school, her moods have changed. She went through the normal naughty and testy phases that all kids go through when she was little but lately my 5 year old reminds me of me when I was a teenager-she is moody as can be, negative, argues for the sake of arguing and all of the sudden everything we say isn't fair or nice and she doesnt like anything (dinners, colors..) that she used to. She loves school and has nothing but good things to say about her teacher and classmates so I dont think thats it, we thought...

School Lunch

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I Have Had It with My 5 Year Old!!

If you guys read my post regarding my defiant 5 year old, then you know all about the tip of the iceberg. The straw that broke the camels back: she just intentionally stepped on a brand new picture frame. (why was it on the floor? it was in the corner, blocked off by the couches, in a 'safe spot' -or so I thought- so it wouldn't get knocked over or broken before I could hang it. NO ONE has ANY business even being in that corner. It was under an end table for crying out loud). I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THIS BEHAVIOR IS COMING FROM. I...

Sick Child Care

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Movie for a 5 Year Old

My 5 year old daughter and I both love dogs. I was thinking about taking her to either Marley and Me or Hotel for Dogs. Can anyone say if they're appropriate for a 5 year old? Thanks!


6 Year Old Who Snores

My 6 year old daughter has snored for as long as I can remember. I took her...


5 Year Old Snoring

My 5 year old son snores horribly at night. I have spoken with the...

Social Skills

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6 Year Old Argues!!!

I have a 6 year old son who argues with EVERYTHING we tell him. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make it stop?


6 Year Old Who Snores

My 6 year old daughter has snored for as long as I can remember. I took her...