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My 5 Year Old Has Excema

A.G. asks from Wichita

My 5 year old daughter has excema. When she was an infant, it was so bad that she has scratches all over her face. She was reffered to a determatologist. He gave me s...


How Do I Get My 5 Year Old to Drink More Water?

T.P. asks from Provo

How do I get my 5 year old to drink more water? I'm assuming this is what he needs. With the cold weather, his lips are constantly dry & starting to chap. *PART 2* ...


Aquaphor in Child's Hair

B. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter put Aquaphor in her hair. I've washed it with baby shampoo, but it doesn't come out. Anyone know how to get a petroleum jelly based product out of hair?


How Can I Get Aquaphor off the Wall!

E.M. asks from Chicago

I put Aquaphor on my son after his bath and he then put his hands on the wall, leaving greasy prints. Is there any way to clean the wall?


6 Year Old Daughter with Chronic Ear Eczema

A.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi- My nearly 6 year old daughter has had chronic eczema behind her ear since she was 3 years old. We have tried many approaches to heal it: homeopathy (myself throug...


5-Year Old with Eczema?

D.G. asks from Buffalo

My little guy has battled eczema every winter since he was 2. However, it continues to get worse each year and has become so difficult to keep under control. We eve...


5 Year Old and Night Terrors

B.F. asks from New York

I am at my wits end! My 5 year old son is waking with Night Terrors every night. It usually occurs between 1 and half to two hours after he falls asleep. It is awful....


Vasoline in 6 Year Old Long Hair!

E.B. asks from Muncie

What is the best way to get vasoline out of my 6 year old daughters very long thick hair? I have tried Dawn dish soap and Tide laundry soap.


5 Year Old with Itchy Skin-

V.S. asks from Flagstaff

My 5 year old son complains he needs to scratch all the time. It seems to be mostly his scalp and face though he does scratch his arms some. There doesn't seem to be ...


My Child Just Won't Eat.

K.O. asks from Grand Forks

As a mother of 3, this only makes most days harder. My middle child who will turn 3 in August, is a horrible eater. I'm not talking picky, he just dosen't like to eat...