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Books for Kindergartener

My son is not yet reading, but he loves to have chapter books read aloud to him (my husband is currently reading Prince Caspian). I heard the Mercy Watson books are good (is that a boy or a girl pig?...Does that matter?). I want to start getting books that we can read together, but eventually he can read by himself. All we have are the big picture books like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Bear Snores On. Does anyone know of any good books for this next level? Thanks!

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Almost 6-Year-old Wants a Nintendo DS or a Wii

My almost 6-year-old has been pleading for a Nintendo DS or the Wii, like all his cousins and some of his friends have. My mother-in-law really wants to get him one for his upcoming birthday, but my husband and I are not sure we want him to have one. We're concerned that even if we restrict his usage of it, it will be addictive and he will be less interested in his usual activities --- reading, art, t-ball, scooter riding, music, imaginative play, etc. He's the usual energetic kind of boy but we love that he has a creative and...


Who Should Travel?

I know I will get a good mix of answers to this question....and I am looking...


To Travel or Not...

I am about to start a full time job after freelancing for the last 7 years....

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Help with a 6 Year Old

I need help with my 6 year old he's outta hand. He likes to tell me waht to do and not to listen to me. Any time you tell him to do something he throws a fit. If he doesn't get his own way in school he throws a temper tantrum. If you ground him all he says his I'm telling on you. His dad doesn't help me any either because when he does go see his dad he gets his way and he walks all over his dad and his dad thinks that's okay. Please help me deal with him.

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Argument with 5 Year Old ... Need Reassurance.

So, the high temperature today is supposed to be at least 100. My 5 year old does not like to wear shorts ... at all. He and I argued so much this morning. He almost missed the bus because he refused to get dressed. We compromised. He's wearing jeans and a muscle shirt and has shorts in his backpack, just in case. I'm sitting at my desk thinking of hundreds of ways I could have handled the situation better, but right now all I can think of is that sad little boy getting on the bus that didn't wave to Mommy :-( Please remind me...

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Advice for 6 Year Old with Irrational Fears

My 6 year old son recently started thinking about death. After he goes to bed, he will get up and come into our room crying because "he is afraid of dying, and he doesn't want us (mom and dad) to die either." I have asked him what makes him think about it - something that he learned about in school, saw on TV, read in a book, etc., and he says he didn't hear about it anywhere. This has happened several times in the last two weeks. At the same time, he has also become increasingly afraid of storms - completely freaking out if it's at all...


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Help with a Sad 6 Year Old.

I really need some advice. My 6 year old daughter is very sad. I have tried a lot of different things to make her happy including spending one on one time, new kitten, counseling. I really don't know what to do. She is on Topramax for seizure activity. She sees a counselor to help deal with the death of her father ( which sometimes I think going to counseling just keeps bringing up her grief and never lets her get past it). She is very sensitive and her feelings get hurt very easily. She is suddenly shy and gets embarrased very easily. ...


Where to Vacation???

So my husband and i are thinking of taking a vacation togeather next year...

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6-Year Old Is a Picky Eater!!!!

I'm very frustrated with my 6 year old son who ONLY wants to eat junk. It drives me nuts. He has such a limited menu of food that he will eat. It is very frustrating. Today, while he was at school, the teacher expressed to me that my son is "fussy" when it comes to food. Today was Dr. Seuss day at school and she served "green eggs and ham." She also had biscuits with jelly, some fruit, etc. He wouldn't eat anything. He told me he's not used to eating at school. UGH. I'm frustrated because I don't know how to help him. He will not eat...


Travel Without Kids

A little husband and I LOVE TO TRAVEL. We live for it. ...