Websites for 6 Year Old Boy?

Updated on June 01, 2013
E.E. asks from Laurel, MD
6 answers

My almost 6 year old son currently has about 5 websites he's allowed to go to play games (pbskids, mathplayground, starfall, etc). He's asking for more variety as it seems most of the games on those sites are geared towards preschoolers. What game sites do you allow your kids to play?

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answers from Orlando on

National Geographic!

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answers from Washington DC on

This looks like a good list for ages preK-2nd ...

Also,,, and

If he's still in school, I know a lot of teachers / schools put a list together, so maybe ask the teacher for some additional recommendations.

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answers from San Francisco on

At that age my son loved:



answers from Phoenix on and in addition to the suggestions below. You need to be extra careful with disney jr, depending on how click-happy your son is. It is pretty easy to get to, and that site has some more violent games (superhero games where they shoot or fight, no blood or anything but still a bit violent for my 5 year old, for my taste).


answers from Norfolk on

Hi, E.:

Don't you think 5 is enough.

After all, do you want your child to become addicted to the web?

What kind of family time are you teaching your child?

Just wondering.

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