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Anxiety in Pregnancy

N.O. asks from Richland

I have suffered with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I have been on and off of more medications than I can count, usually with the same result - it either mak...


Announcing a Pregnancy

A.J. asks from Fresno

Hello my fellow mommies! This should be fun! I'm looking for ideas to announce my second pregnancy. I want to do something for my husband. We've been trying for a whi...


Period After Pregnancy

M.B. asks from Dallas

Before my pregnancy, I had pretty easy periods. Slight breast pain the week before, a little cramping on the first day, light flow, over in a few days. After I had m...


Pregnancy Length

D.G. asks from Washington DC

I am 37 weeks with twin girls and everythings has gone fine with my pregnancy. My doctor is saying he won't let me go past 38 weeks because of an unexplained demise o...


Overweight Pregnancy

K.Z. asks from Seattle

Are there any other moms out there that got pregnant when they were overweight? I am concerned. I get so many people telling me different things. I get just do it, a...


Third Pregnancy

K.S. asks from Charleston

Hi! I'm about to become pregnant with my third child, and I'm wondering (even though I know everyone is different and every pregnancy is different) if most third-tim...


When Did Your Pregnancy Show up on a Home Pregnancy Test?

O.M. asks from Portland

how early or when did you do a home pregnancy test where you had an accurate pregnancy test?


Pregnancy Test

C.J. asks from Minneapolis

Okay I have been on implanon for 2 years now, I have took three positive home pregnancy test and one negative I went to the doctor for a blood test they did the posit...


*Relations* During Pregnancy...

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Yes, I said *relations*!! LOL Did you and your partner change your $exual practices while you were pregnant? I know that due to big bellies, we sometimes have to...


Bleeding During Pregnancy

C.E. asks from New York

I am just 10 weeks pregnant and while using the bathroom I noticed a light pink blood mixed with discharge when I wiped. It certainly was enough to worry me. I have h...