Nothing on Ultrasound but Pregnancy Blood Levels Are Rising normally....HELP!

Updated on March 01, 2014
A.S. asks from Orwigsburg, PA
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hello ladies...i went in last friday for a ultrasound and nothing was seen in my uterus. i went for a blood test right away my HCG pregnancy hormone was at 163 which only put me at around 3 weeks preg.
3 days later levels were 555 and today they are at 1300. the nurse said today that is really good normal rising hormones.
so my question of concern is is it normal to not see anthing on ultrasound that early?? i dont go for one now till march 11th.
im SOOO worried?!?!?!?!

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answers from Wausau on

At 3 weeks there isn't anything to see. The cells are still dividing and the whole thing is about the size of the head of a pin. Look at this graphic:

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answers from Orlando on

I didn't see anything at 6 weeks, except the sac. I went back a week later and saw the baby :) completely normal.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Even if the vaginal ultra sound didn't show anything it doesn't mean the hormones are wrong. Please just be patient and don't stress out so much.

In the older times we often didn't know for sure until we were a couple of months along. Today it's much harder with all the early detection stuff.

People get so tired of 8 months of pregnancy issues when it used to be just 5 or so. The baby is such a tiny ball of cells right now. It's tiny tiny tiny. Don't stress out.

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answers from Jacksonville on

What did you expect you would see at 3 weeks?
Completely normal! Don't expect to see anything for several more weeks. I am curious why your doctor did an ultrasound. Seems REALLY early. I don't think my doctor would have done that knowing I was only 3 weeks into it. The earliest one I ever had was around 5 1/2 weeks. And then they sent me over for blood work to confirm everything was ok because they couldn't find much. But, they weren't sure of conception date, because my cycle was really long. So they were thinking I was further along than I actually really was. Everything was fine. Daughter is 12.

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answers from Boston on


Most OBs won't even consider doing an u/s before 10 or 12 weeks unless it's an IVF pregnancy, in which case it's common to verify the pregnancy at 6 weeks and even then, it's a toss up as to whether or not they'll see anything.

There's nothing for you to worry about because there's nothing for you to do, no action you can take or decision you can make that will make you more sure that you're pregnant. Honestly...consider the first 12 weeks a waiting game.

There are some women who do need early confirmation to determine whether or not to continue to take hormone shots, but those are either IVF or other special cases and you would know already if you were one of those cases.

Take your pre-natal vitamins, eat well, stay hydrated, get some sleep and let nature take its course. You'll know soon enough and really, there's nothing else you can or need to know right now.

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answers from Omaha on

I think my first u/s was at 12 weeks and even then my kids looked like a little bean! In fact, the day I got a positive on my home pregnancy test, I called my doctor and they didn't even want to see me for at least 8 weeks or so! It sounds like your hormone levels are increasing at a normal rate so I would take comfort in that and not worry! Congratulations!

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answers from Denver on

I'm sorry you are stressing-please, please try to relax. I heart-breakingly followed a pregnancy this way that ultimately ended in a double loss for me. I don't want you to do that to yourself (the worrying).

Why such an early u/s? There's no way an OB would do one if they knew you were only 3 weeks along, so did they think you were further?

My twin pg started that way. I knew how far along I was supposed to be, but at the 7 week u/s, they measured the babies at 5w5d, and said they looked great. Two heartbeats. Everyone said not to worry. HCG levels were on the low but normal side, and doubling every 3 days. But the babies' measurements were off, and I knew it. I couldn't get anyone to see what I thought was a problem. A week later, and the babies had not grown 7 days, but only 3 and 4 days. But still strong heartbeats. No worries, everyone said. But I knew something was wrong. I lost baby A at 9 weeks, and baby B looked awesome at that appointment. HB strong! I still knew something was not going to be okay. A week later, I just had a feeling. Nothing had changed, and I wasn't cramping anymore than I had for the few days after the loss of baby A, but I knew something was wrong. I wasn't scheduled for another apt for 2 weeks, so I called the OB and lied and said I was cramping, bc I NEEDED to see if my worst fears had come true. They brought me in, and baby B's heart had stopped beating too.

I share this with you to try and ask you to just detach yourself a little bit emotionally. I know that is hard, but it will prepare you for the worst, and then if the outcome is anything better than that, you will be pleasantly surprised. I wish someone had told me that when I was going through what would end up being my loss. You will have plenty of time to emotionally invest in the coming months. Hang in there. Try not to stress. You CANNOT do anything about the eventual outcome. It's in God's hands.

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answers from Norfolk on

You're trying to find something that's smaller than the head of a pin right now.
Wait a month or so and then see what an ultrasound can show you.
In the mean time take your prenatal vitamins and eat as if you are pregnant.
Forget about worrying - it won't do you any good.

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answers from Iowa City on

It is pretty common to not see anything until week 7, especially with an abdominal scan.

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answers from Dover on

My best guess is that you are 3 weeks or LESS into your pregnancy. My sister had a similar issue with my nephew. I think she was not as far along as they were thinking which coincides with them thinking he was too small, then when she was induced just 2 weeks early due to high blood pressure complications, he was in the NICU for two weeks and had some complications (I think he was more like 4 weeks early which would have explained everything).

Try to relax and not let them make you crazy with worry.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I had a transvaginal ultrasound at 5 or 6 weeks and all we saw was a sack. It may be too early to even see that w/ your pregnancy.

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answers from Las Vegas on

The baby is so tiny at that point, I don't see how anyone can see a baby. I would trust blood over the US.

Relax, worrying will not help.



answers from New York on

Very rarely before eight weeks and even then iffy. Just be patient. In the old days like 30 years ago, after your second missed period you wen t to doctor.



answers from Chicago on

My midwife won't even do an ultrasound until around 10 weeks.



answers from Washington DC on

they gave you an ultrasound at 3 weeks? wow. my earliest was 6 weeks.


answers from Reading on

Why are you scheduled for an ultrasound so early? Did you think you should be further? Honestly, it sound like a chemical pregnancy to me.



answers from Dallas on

did lots of pregnancies with a maternal fetal medicine specialist... rule of thumb was always nothing visible until hcg is at LEAST 1500...

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