How Did You "Announce" Your Pregnancy?

Updated on February 07, 2013
S.H. asks from Middleton, WI
15 answers

With my first pregnancy, I provided bibs to "break the news" such as "I love my daddy" or "Grandma likes to spoil me".

I'm pregnant with my 2nd, but haven't told my husband yet. Any ideas?

Also, we will be having a family gathering when I am about 3 months, so I plan to tell family then as well. Any creative/fun ideas on how to do this?

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answers from Seattle on

I screamed from the bathroom..."IT'S POSITIVE!!!"
I could keep my pregnancy secret for, like, all of 7 seconds.


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answers from Sacramento on

I didn't read the other responses so hopefully I am not repeating. With my second, I decorated a onesie for my then 13 month old daughter that said "I'm going to be a big sister" and had her wear it to a family gathering. I used a plain Gerber onesie and puff paints. I just waited for poeple to realize what it said.

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answers from Detroit on

My SIL put a hot dog bun in the oven. That was a good one...

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answers from Tampa on

my son told my husband that i was having a baby sister for him. i was only 5 weeks when he told him but he knew i was having a girl from the start. for my family and friends i took a pic of him wearing a "big brother 2012" shirt and emailed it.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I found out I was expecting baby #2 about a month after my SIL announced she was expecting baby #2. When I was about 3 months pregnant, we happened to have a big family dinner at our house. I bought her son and my daughter shirts that said "Big Sister (Brother) to be" and wrapped them up. After dinner, I told the kids I had special presents for them. Their son got his box open in about 3 seconds. Everyone already knew he was going to be a big brother, so they all got distracted talking to him about that.

Meanwhile DD struggled to open her box (i had intentionally taped it a little too much so she'd be the 2nd to get it open.) She got it open and sat there looking at the shirt. (Forgot she couldn't read yet.) Finally grandma looked over and asked her what she got for a present and she held it up for everyone to see. It was pretty funny - initially everyone was like "Why would you get her the same shirt? You aren't having a baby!" About 20 seconds later, it finally donned on them that perhaps, yes, I might just be having a baby.

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answers from Wausau on

I just called my mom/dad and told others in person. I'm just not into fussy cute stuff. Good thing I only had boys, I'd make a terrible girl-mom! lol



answers from Dallas on

For my first i put together a little gift for my husband and had it waiting for him when he got home from work. Just to put a fun spin on it i put it in a victoria secert bag and left a note saying "this is something we can use later". =0)



answers from Lansing on

I wrapped up the pregnancy test and gave it to my boyfriend. Of course, the end was sealed, and I put it in a small box.


answers from Lansing on

With my husband I just told him in both instances.

For my family for the first we just told them, for the second, we made a shirt for my daughter that said I'm going to be a big sister. She wore it over to our family's house. We didn't say anything and just waited for someone to notice. It was fun!

I had a friend who had their daughter's picture taken with an ultrasound picture in hand. It was cute!



answers from Los Angeles on

Wrap a box filled w/pink or blue helium balloons & open the present in
front of your family releasing the balloons.

Wrap a silver rattle for your hubby to open in front of everyone.

Have a shirt made up for your first child that says "Big Brother" or "Big Sister" (depending if your 1st child is a girl or boy) then have him or her wear it at the party.



answers from Appleton on

Get a package of newborn diapers and put them on hubby's favorite chair or pillow. Don't say anything, wait until he notices they are for a newborn, it might take a week. Men can be so dense.

For the family gathering, pick up some other newborn supplies and put them at each place setting with a note that says "will need soon".
Get a cake from the bakery case at the grocery store and ask if they can write a message on it, by then you will have a due date, so have the cake decorator write "save the date (due date)". Decorate with baby themed cake toppers.



answers from Chicago on

My 1st son brought my mom the ultrasound and said, "I'm a big brother." He was 2 years old.
My parents had fortune cookies "3+1=4" The women were all being women and congratulating and Grandpa is reading it over and over saying, "What kind of fortune is that." Haha, it was funny.


answers from Minneapolis on

Well, we are TTC baby number 2 and when I do get pregnant I plan to wait until a family gathering (Which since our family gets together very often, at least once a month, won't be hard to do). Then I plan to be fiddling around with my camera for a few minutes before saying that I have a new setting that I want to try out and ask everybody to gather together for a family picture. Then I'm going to put it on 'record' without anyone knowing and instead of saying 'everybody say cheese', I'm going to say 'everybody say Tori's pregnant'! Now... If I could only just get pregnant we'd be in business!



answers from Washington DC on

I would just tell the hubby - or maybe hand him the positive home test - but I would tell him ASAP!

for the family, the timing of the gathering sounds perfect. I would get the other child a Big Brother or Big Sister TShirt to wear and just wait and see who notices it first :)



answers from Fargo on

I had friends that did a baby themed meal - baby back ribs, baby carrots, mini desserts

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