Pregnancy Six Week Checkup

Updated on August 08, 2010
B.E. asks from South Webster, OH
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I recently just had a baby, he is 5 weeks and my boyfriend had sex three days ago and my six week check-up is next friday is there a possibility i could be pregnant and would the doctors be able to tell if i was so early? i also started bleeding yesterday and it is very light should i be worried or no?

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So What Happened?

Turns out it was just the start of my real no worries at least not for now...but for now on i have to be very careful

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answers from St. Louis on

I was always told not to have sex until after the 6 week check up. Why are you putting yourself at risk of getting pregnant again when you are not married and you just had a baby. Your body needs time to heal--let your doctor know what you are doing so they can check for any problems.
Don't have unprotected sex!!!
Good luck.

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answers from Cincinnati on

Absolutely you could be pregnant again. I'm really not sure if the doctor can tell this early or not - you might ask about getting a blood test.

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answers from Huntsville on

A blood test might be able to tell. I read somewhere that it can work 7-12 days after. They might have to wait another week and test.

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answers from Washington DC on

You definitly could be pregnant again. Are you nursing? That would help you NOT be pregnant, but it's possible. After we had our first, I think we only waited 3 weeks and we were okay, but I did a lot of praying :.). They may be able to tell, but probably not. I'd just be extra careful if you don't want another one so soon.

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answers from Chicago on

You very well could be pregnant. The time right after birth is one of the most fertile times for a woman. The light bleeding could be implantation bleeding, but you wont be able to find out for sure for awhile. Just be prepared because your doctor is not going to be happy with you at your six week checkup. AND if you are planning on getting birth control pills, they will make you wait until it will be an appropriate time to take a pregnancy test and take one before you can begin the birth control.



answers from Dallas on

Yes you CAN get pregnant this soon, but it will be too soon to tell, even if the doctor does a blood test, you will have to wait almost a full month to find out. If you bled a little I would expect that I guess, depending on how healed you were down there.

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