Can I Eat Anything Before Having an Ultrasound?

Updated on August 04, 2012
M.K. asks from Anaheim, CA
3 answers

Since I haven't had no luck in being pregnant, I have an appointment first thing on Monday morning to check my tube is all clear. She mentioned about drinking 32oz of water before I come in, but somehow, neither she or I said anything about the breakfast. Does anybody know if it is ok to eat before this check-up? I called the office, but since it is on weekend, I have to leave a message.. thanks!

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answers from Raleigh on

I'm an u/s tech....yup, you can eat. The only ultrasounds you can't eat prior to are abdominal scans (liver, gallbladder, etc). So you're fine to eat when havig a pelvic u/s done.

Good luck with your test!!

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answers from El Paso on

I know at least for a standard pregnancy ultrasound there's no reason not to eat. The water is to make sure your bladder is full so that it's easier to see what they need to see. I would imagine the same policy would hold, but I don't KNOW since they're looking at your tubes vs your uterus.

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answers from San Antonio on

When I was having all my testing done for the surrogacies I had to drink ridiculous amounts of water for the ultrasounds, but I could eat whatever I pleased. As long as you drink enough water you should be fine to eat whatever you would like.

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