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Secondary Infertilty - Advice and Support Needed!

C.W. asks from Chicago

Wondering if anyone can share their story or offer advice and support about secondary infertilty issues. We've been trying for another child and recently went throug...


Group B Strep Positive and Stressed!

C.C. asks from Tampa

Hi Moms -- I'm expecting our 2nd daughter and recently tested positive for Group B Strep. My first pregnance was awesome, little to no discomfort and negative for GBS...


Anybody Experienced This in Third Trimester?

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

I am 30 weeks along and past couple weeks I have had some pain in my pubic area. It generally hurt while rolling over in bed , but wasn't very bad. So I just neglecte...


Fetal Testing?

L.W. asks from Chicago

I was wondering what some of you older Moms think about doing fetal testing. I'm 40 years old, pregnant with my second child. (First is almost 4 yrs old). When I was ...


Anyone Else Experience Husbands Freaked by Moving babies?(Pregnant)

M.M. asks from Los Angeles

Being in my fifth month of pregnancy, the baby is starting to kick and move around in my tummy. Whenever he kicks, i grab my husband's hand so he can feel the baby a...


Placenta Bigger than Baby

H.G. asks from Seattle

I am 12 weeks pregnant and the baby is the size of a baby at 6 weeks. Should I be worried or just wait it out and see what happens. I have three kids and have not exp...


Newborn Not Gaining Weight

C.C. asks from Richmond

I'm a new mom to a beautiful 4wk old BB. He was 6lbs 6oz at birth, and by 1wk, he was down to 5lbs 7oz. Now, 3wks later, he's only 5lbs 11oz. We are BF and he's get...


Breech Presentation

T.M. asks from New London

I went for an ultrasound yesterday and the baby is frank breech. I am 32 wk andmy midwife wants me to be very proactive in getting the baby to turn. I have worked ver...


JFF - Did You Have an in Utero Name for Your Baby?

D.B. asks from Charlotte

On one of the threads, some people mentioned that they didn't care for in utero names. I gave both my babies in utero names - did you? What were they? My younger ...


"The baby"....arrrgh, This Is Vent

E.M. asks from St. Joseph

okay, so maybe it's just me, but I hate when people call a baby "it"...when you or someone is/was pregnant and someone called the baby "it"...It makes me so mad. Like...