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Updated on October 15, 2009
C.J. asks from Hinckley, MN
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Okay I have been on implanon for 2 years now, I have took three positive home pregnancy test and one negative I went to the doctor for a blood test they did the positive/negative blood test it came back negative has anyone had this same issue and really was pregnant ? I find it odd that I had 3 false positives all different brands I got 2 tests at walmart and one at shopko I doubt I picked bad tests every time ha ha very confused.
Oh and I have not had a period since Augaust its now october

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So What Happened?

Nothing has happened yet , still no period , no signs of really bein pregnant either except my nipples bein very sore and I seem to be eating more espspecially at night time. But these signs could just be all in my head from the positive tests lol . I have not went back to the doctor I would feel like they think I am crazy I have not took another test yet either I am tryin to wait it out and hope for a period this is so bizzar I usually always get a period and since I have been on implanon I bleed more then I ever have before so me not getting a period since augaust is very unusual . Implanon is suppose to be 99% effective but I have read on this website that most women found themselves pregnant while on imp[lanon after 2 years and they said there tests were showing negative all the time which is not my case here . I have been taking everyones advice I looked at the exp dates on the boxes the tests are still fine and not outdated I read all the tests with in the time limit the first two I took popped out positive right away the third one I took showed it was faint and then withing like 5 6 minutes it was a bright blue plus sign

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answers from Minneapolis on

I think you probably are pregnant- I would go back and insist on a quantitative blood test or an ultrasound.

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answers from Omaha on

I also have Implanon and the periods are so irregular. I didn't have one for the whole first year I had it in. Then it's hit and miss at best. If you had a blood test at your Dr. then I would trust that answer. Those are the most accurate tests.



answers from Milwaukee on

To get a negative blood test is strange after getting a positive home test. I was told that you can get positive home tests sometimes and sometimes not depending on how far along you are and if you test first things in the morning. The pregnancy hormones are the most concentrated in the morning so you can get a positive in the morning and a negative later on in the day. So if you are very early in the pregnancy when your pregnancy hormones aren't concentrated enough to be picked up in the later hours but concentrated enough in the morning.

I would definitely take another one using the first pee of the day, if that is positive I would say you are definitely pregnant, go back to the doctor and have them run another test if you want but I would take it that you are pregnant. I have also heard you can get false negatives but never false positives.



answers from Des Moines on

Hi C. - this has to be really confusing for you! First and foremost, the blood test at your doctor's office is the most reliable test you can take, and at three months late you would have gotten a SOLID positive if pregnant. In fact those tests can pick up pregnancy hormones as soon as a few days after implantation.

My guess on why you got some bad home results:
1) The inexpensive tests were either just plain faulty or were out of date.
2) You read the test after the 5-10 min time limit (this is very important - reading a test after the first 5-10 minutes can very often give a faint hint of a line, called an "evap" or evaporation line. especially in cheaper tests. what happens is that air eventually leaks into the test and the evaporation of the urine reveals the antibody strip where the dye WOULD have shown up within the limit if pregnant).

I hope you get the answers you are looking for but I would say with almost definite certainty that if your blood test came back neg you are not pregnant. I would however talk to your doctor about your missed periods unless that is normal with implanon (I'm not familiar with that one)



answers from Wausau on

I just went in on Monday and had a blood test. It came back negative. My doctor said that it is possible for the hormone levels to be too low in certain women to detect. I am to come back in a week to have another one if I still don't get my period. The next step would be to do an ultrasound. I would ask your doctor what they recommend. I hope you get an answer soon! This waiting is agonizing :)



answers from Madison on

Is not having a period a side effect of the implanon? I read that many have irregularity with it. If this is a major change I would talk to your doctor. The pregnancy test could come out positive because of the way your birth control works. If still in doubt I would request another blood test, they are the most accurate.



answers from Sheboygan on

did you check the expiration dates? A friend of mine had a false positive b/c of that.



answers from St. Cloud on

My doctor says all they use at the clinic is home pregnancy test because they are so accurate. She said you can get a false negative but if its says POSITIVE, YOU"RE PREGNANT....

I'd go back in again and either have a urine test, blood test, or request an ultrasound. I would be suprised if you are not pregnant......

Good luck.


answers from Janesville-Beloit on

I, too, had positive HPT and then had a negative blood test. Well, she is now 8. You need to have a quantitative HCG level, not just the +/- one. I would ask for another test. Some HPTs are more sensitive than the blood test. I think it was explained to me that the blood test requires 100 units of the hcg hormone and the HPTs can pick it up some as little as 20. The handling of the blood sample can affect the result as well as different medications. This was the information I got from the Ask-A-Nurse people from my insurance company as well as the 800 number on the HPT box. Good Luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I have heard this has happened to others that they just don't show positive on the tests. Some have to be farther along to have it start showing on the tests. So wait a little longer and see what happens then. If your normally regular with your periods, it would make me feel that I am. You think it would have showed up in your blood by now, but every bodies body chemistry is different. Good luck! If you end up being pregnant congratulations on the long wait you had to endure.

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