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Updated on August 30, 2010
A.J. asks from Fresno, CA
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Hello my fellow mommies! This should be fun! I'm looking for ideas to announce my second pregnancy. I want to do something for my husband. We've been trying for a while now and he's been really down about it. when I tell him I want it to be memorable. Even if its something public he'd love it, he likes big scenes. For family I was thinking of a big sister t shirt for my daughter, but how should I tell my husband? I was thinking maybe congratulation balloons at work or something to that effect. I'm not sure so any ideas would be great. Thanks mommies!

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answers from San Francisco on

I bought a shirt for my son that said "I'm going to be a big brother," and that's we told everyone :) It was fun to watch everyone's reactions as they read the shirt, and it was just as cute to hear him tell everyone that he was gonna be a big "brudda." lol



answers from San Francisco on

hi A.! congrats on number 2!

we announced it to family by playing pictionary, it was pretty funny seeing people try to guess! maybe that could work for him....

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answers from Los Angeles on

Have your daughter wear the big sis shirt and hold balloons. Send her over to dad at work. Arrange ahead of time to pick him up for lunch. That will cause a scene at work, you'll get to see his reaction, and then go out to celebrate together. Involving your daughter makes it special for her too. Congrats!

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answers from Columbus on

Hi A.,
I think that since your husband likes big scenes that you could take him to his favorite resturant and instead of having the waiters sing a happy birthday song, surprise him with a "your gonna be a dad song" of some sort. Hope that helps!!
God Bless

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answers from Philadelphia on

This was more for my family, but could work on your husband. I got a picture frame and on one side put a pic of the ultrasound and then had a poem that announced the pregnancy in a very cute way. Everyone opened the picture frame which was supposed to be just a gift and they were stunned and of course ecstatic! Good luck!

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answers from Bakersfield on

Hi Momma! That sounds so exciting! And congratulations!
First, get the man a t-shirt that says Dad on it. Who cares how it says it, make sure he know that he is the new dad. Have it delivered with COngrats balloons, a baby rattle, and all that fun stuff. Really make a to do out of it. If you want it to be more....mission impossible....then send lunch with him, and pack about 10 jars of baby food. Inside, leave a little card that says something like "dad, please practice opening these jars. I am going to be hungry soon!"
Anything crazy.
You can also get one of those t-shirts that points to the belly with something fun about baby on it. My brother in law has one that say "dad" in binary code. He's a programmer, so it was perfect for him.
For the family, my sister gave my parents a random gift and the card said To Grandma and Grandpa, from baby ___________________, due September 2009. It took them a second and then there was a lot of shrieking.
I found out because my sister very carefully left the ultra sound with arrow pointing to baby on the center of the table. I saw it and did the "OMG, you're having a baby! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....all the girly screams and screeches.
Basically, tell dad first. Get him really excited. And then let him help you plan the family notification.
Congrats momma!
-E. M



answers from Denver on

You could too, either send it to his work, or have maybe a kind of supprise party, and give him a gift. Something babyish. Like a bottle, a bib, a card. Let him take the time to figur it out. Or You could hang something like little baby shoes from the rear view mirror of his car with a little note. Just a few ideas. Do let us know what you did decide to do and how he reacted. Smiles. Congrats and good luck. :)



answers from Sacramento on

Although I never surprised my husband on me being prego, we did find some fun ways to tell our family. With our first, I had a surprise party for my husband and when he got there, we told our prego surprise to everyone at the party. With our second, we bought an "I'm a big sister" shirt. We waited until everyone got there then put it on. It took them probably a good 15 minutes for someone to notice but it was a fun way. With our third, I made a crossword puzzle. The crossword was things to do with our family. When they were done? They had to take the letters that were in the number boxes and figure out another puzzle. With our fourth, we framed our first ultrasound picture and gave it to everyone on Easter.



answers from San Francisco on

Baby balloons at work would be great if you want a scene, also there are really such things as "singing tellegrams" (or impersonations actors, I sent Marilyn Monroe to my husbands office once) that are a hoot! Or you could go into his work with a huge pretend belly with balloons! As for everyone else, my friend sent an email to everyone stating "look what "daughter's name" made!" and it was a picture of him holding up an etch a sketch that was drawn "I'm going to be a big sister" on it. Or send an email with "our new family photo" in the subject, and it be your ultrasound photo...



answers from San Antonio on

i told my husband by putting my son's first sonogram on a cake that said "Happy Early Father's Day" :)



answers from Sacramento on

What about giftwrapping the positive pregnancy test stick in a long box that would hold a watch or gift pencil/pen set???
Another idea, which I found online, is kind of cute:

On the Bottle

I made dinner plans at our favorite restaurant and dropped off a baby bottle that I had decorated and written "It's a Baby!" on beforehand. That night when we arrived for dinner, I asked the manager to serve my husband's beverage in the bottle. At first, my hubby was totally baffled, but once he read the bottle's message, he quickly leapt out of his chair with excitement!



answers from Jacksonville on

Maybe invite the family over for a get together and tell them you have a slide show of family pictures that you put together and want to show it to everyone. The second to last slide should say something like: Husband's name needs to pay attention because duty calls once more or he's in for a big surprise and then the last picture should be of the pregnancy test or first ultrasound with a caption about expecting your new addition/due date. This would allow everyone to find out together and really make a scene for your hubby!

If you want to tell the hubby before announcing it to family, I would go out to eat and somehow have the waitstaff announce it for you by singing or even writing it on the check. Sending something to work is a great idea too. You could also hang a banner on your house for him to see when he gets home and the whole neighborhood will get in on the surprise.

Best wishes to you and yours!



answers from San Francisco on

I JUST thought of this! Take him to his favourite restaurant, where you've already brought a cake. On the cake is your due date and some catchy phrase like "# 2 is on the way!" Have it brought to the table after dinner, with maybe one candle on it! Now THERE'S a scene for ya!!!! Congrats and enjoy number 2!
K. in EC


answers from Modesto on

I like Elisa's idea, that get's you ALL involved in the very special gift! Do it.


answers from Visalia on

put baby booties in his sock drawer. hang a onesie t-shirt next to his shirts or t-shirt drawer. baby food jar in his lunch, briefcase or fridge.



answers from Sacramento on

I saw a really good idea in a magazine once. They sent out plastic easter eggs in little boxes that had pictures and a message inside with a note on the outside announcing the birth. It would probably be just as cute to announce a pregnancy with.



answers from Sacramento on

You have lots of great ideas given to you...but if it were me I'd want to be there to see my husbands reaction. A lot of these ideas listed as suggestions for you, you wouldn't get that gift of seeing him hear it / figure it out. So I don't have more creative ideas to offer, but I would think twice about a work thing or 'around the house or car' thing unless you know you can be there at the moment he gets it. The reactions are priceless!

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