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Updated on May 13, 2011
C.E. asks from Toms River, NJ
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I am just 10 weeks pregnant and while using the bathroom I noticed a light pink blood mixed with discharge when I wiped. It certainly was enough to worry me. I have had two previous before my son and one after. I immediately called my doctor and went in for an office visit. He did an examination and everything seemed to be ok...thank goodness! But my question it normal to bleed like this? The dr really didn't have an answer as to why it happend or what was causing it. That does not really comfort me. This pregnancy is totally different from my first one. I have had no sickness/nausea at all. Has this happend to anyone or do you have any suggestions, advice, or similar stories? I would appreciate any help!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I had a lot of bleeding with my last pregnancy. Once having to call 911 because I was at work and it was gushing out, They could never find a reason but I carried to term and had a healthy son.
I do understand how scary it is.

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answers from Chicago on

I had a little bit of bleeding from weeks 5-6. I am now 32 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby. Good luck and congratulations!



answers from Washington DC on

It's not normal, but it's common, if that makes any sense.
Often there's no way to tell where the bleeding or spotting is coming from. With my first, I only had some brown spotting very early on and even before I got a pos test. With my second (DS) I bled like a period and was SURE I was MCing (and so were the med professionals). That was around 6 weeks. Then I started spotting/bleeding a bit around 9 weeks again. Everything turned out fine. Never did find out what the cause was. He was born 2 days before his due date and he was 8lbs 6oz and healthy.
Good luck to you.



answers from Chicago on

I was bleeding at 16 weeks. The first question the doc asked was when was the last time I had sex. I told her it was the night before. She said that could cause it. Also, she did an ultrasound and said my placenta was kind of low, so that was another reason. It ended up moving by 20 weks. No bleeding since that one time, and I was bleeding lightly for 5 days.... good luck..



answers from New York on

I had some spotting throughout my first pregnancy. My son (now 7 y.o.) was born full term at 38 weeks. During my second pregnancy with twins (now 5 months old) I had more sporting and one time (at 16 weeks) a real bleeding which made me go to the emergency. They examined me and said everything looked OK. In both cases the doctors could not tell me WHY it was happening. They said it was common to many women who carry their babies full term.
With my second pregnancy I had some blood traces a few more times after that incident. I called my doctor every time and he would usually advise me to stay in bed and take it easy for "as long as I can". He recommended me bed rest for a least two hours a day because I was pregnant with twins. I didn't stay in bed for the entire day but I tried to lie down as much as I could. He was After a couple of days everything would become normal again. My cute healthy babies were born at almost 36 weeks (which is good for twins.) I'd say beware of it, inform your doctor, try to rest frequently if you can, but don't panic, because it's happened to so many women who later delivered healthy full-term babies.
Good luck!



answers from Madison on

I never have bleeding in my pregnancies but my friend had it & doctor adviced her to bed rest.Its really good you check with the doctor right away & be in contact with him in future too.I am wishing you very Good luck with your pregnancy.
Every pregnany is different Out of 3 pregnancies I just had morning sickness in the last one so nothing to worry about morning sickness I think.
Just be careful as you are for first few months.



answers from Dallas on

I bled with my daughter around 10 wks for 3 days. It was heavy enough to have to wear a pad. She is now 4! It can happen just take it easy mama!


answers from New York on

I bleed this way all the way to my 6th month. I had lots of ultrsounds. I was told everything was fine. What is going to happen will happen we can not change that. :( So I tried to relax myself and take it one day at a time. I notice this would happen when I had my regular menstral cycle. Every 20 to 25 days this will happen till my 6th month almost 7th. My sister had the same problem with my nephew. We both had boys. All you can do is relax and enjoy you had a son now. I know believe you don't want to hear this but its true. Everyone is different. Keep up with your appointments and rest. :)



answers from Roanoke on

I'm 11 weeks right now, and I had spotting around 6 weeks and 8 weeks (for a couple days). My OB said not to worry about spotting; it's bleeding that means something more serious could be wrong. She told me it was probably just the baby burrowing into my uterus, or it could be just friction from after sex. I wouldn't worry much if I were you..if the bleeding gets heavy, then something might be wrong. I was told that if it went away within a few days it's no big deal. Wishing you a happy pregnancy!!


answers from New York on

hey C.! i can totally relate...i have a 4 yr old daughter n i had light bleeding for my whole first trimester. my ob/gyn said that it's very common, that it happens to 1 out of 3 women. then i went on to have 2 miscarriages and now i'm 27 weeks waiting for my little baby boy. with this pregnancy, i had moderate to heavy bleeding from 8 weeks to 16 weeks. this time my ob said i had a small collection of blood in my uterus and my body was just getting rid of it....i have to say i never had any type of cramping, just the bleeding. also, with my 4 yr. old i had nausea from 6 weeks to 12 weeks....and with this pregnancy, the sickness was twice as bad...from 5 weeks to 14 weeks....alot more intense too!

anyways, C. i hope i put some of your worries to rest...basically every pregnancy is different. good luck to you and keep hope alive!



answers from Honolulu on

Did you have sex recently?



answers from New York on

I bled for three out of four pregnancies. All three resulted in healthy babies.
And when I say bled, I mean alot. A lot of women have some spotting or
bleeding. Good luck.

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