Skin Changes After Pregnancy

Updated on June 30, 2014
L.L. asks from Bixby, OK
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I just had my second baby this past Feb. and since then I have noticed the top of my thighs breaking out. It's minor but I can always feel little bumps on them. It's really annoying b/c I've never had skin issues. I have gone to one dermatologist and he prescribed me a lotion that made me worse, so he concluded that it's hormonal. Has anyone every experienced skin changes like this due to hormones? Will it ever get better? Let me know please!!!!

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answers from Dallas on

I have the same problem. It started with my first pregnancy and got worse after my second one. I have the same bumps on my arms and legs. I haven't found anything that has helped yet.

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answers from Killeen on

I have the same bumps on my forehead of all places!! Talk about embarrassing. The dermatologist put me on an antibiotic forever it seems, but it doesn't really help. He did give a face wash that has helped some. I think if it were actual pimples, I might be able to handle it better. It started when I was pregnant with my first, went away for a while, and now back since my second. Go figure! Hormones make your body do all kinds of weird things. I think there is hope for you though.



answers from San Antonio on

The same thing happened to me, but not only did it happen on my upper legs, it is happening on my upper arms. I went to a dermatoligist and he says he see's it a lot on new mothers and he gave me a cream to use. It didn't help at all, it just made me sticky, so what I have been doing is using a salt scub from bath and body every time I shower and exfoliate the heck out of myself and use lotion twice a day. It seems like it works (at least it works better than what the doc gave me). My little girl will be 1 on Friday and it is almost all gone on my thighs, but I am still working on my arms. They are not as bad, but I mess with them so I think it has made them worse. What ever the bumps are, they are a pain in the butt!! I never had any skin problems before this... figures. :-)



answers from San Antonio on

If the doc concluded that it was hormonal i wouldn't be too worried. Your body just has to get back to itself. Give your body some time. After I stopped BF my son my breasts shrunk and just now are starting to come back. This over a year ago. it might take that much more time.



answers from San Antonio on

I have those annoying bumps on my thighs and arms too... it's nothing to worry about, but it sure is annoying. Glad to hear that some moms are getting better eventually...



answers from San Antonio on

Hi there Leean,

Oh let me tell you I know how you feel. Before I had my boys ages 2 and 3. I had amazing skin, I use to be able to lather on Victorias secret, body products, bath and body works lotions and body washes. Ever since I had my boys I have eczema, Rashes, I can only use a body wash that I bought from Whole Foods, all natural non fragrant, and Eucerin lotion. I have to lather my body twice a day. I also believe it is hormonal. Unfortunately after you have kids your body changes not only your weight etc but your skin as well. I get dark blotches every so often if I go out into the sun. It is crazy what happens after you have kids. I just use Eucerin lotion and sometimes I use my prescription topical creams, which I am trying to replace with all natural creams. There are too many toxins in a lot of those prescription cream out there.

Hope that helps, Just keep you skin hydrated and if you have lots of itching a little benedryl helps.




answers from San Antonio on

After my son I became allergic to the cold and I would have welts on my skin wherever something cold would touch me, then I had my daughter and that went away, but I soon found out at a family members birthday party that I was allergic to alcohol. The doctor prescribed Zyrtec and that seems to do the job.



answers from San Antonio on

I never had any skin problems either but recently I have developed Psoriasis. It gets very annoying. My doctor prescribe some medicine (kind of like a mousse thing) and when I use it it will go away fast.

I find that it gets really bad when I'm tired, not eating healty, stressing or when I about to start.

Also this is only me but I have gain weight and some of my weight has gome on my upper thighs. In the hot weather and b/c they now rub together it creates a rash too. I try not to wear clothes to tight, some that cover between, lotion and I put baby powder on them. I have also in the really hot days of summmer put a little deodorant on the inside of my legs to prevent sweat.

Hope some of this works and it goes away,



answers from Los Angeles on

I have the exact same thing. ..exfoliating to squeeze them out is the only thing that works for me. Has anyone's cleared?

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