Vision Changes During/after Pregnancy

Updated on July 21, 2011
T.S. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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I have always had poor vision, but glasses corrected it. During my pregnancy my vision became really wacky (one eye's vision got better but its astigmatism got worse; the other eye's vision got worse but its astigmatism got better). Now that my son is almost 1 year old, I got my vision tested again and the doctor referred me to a specialist. She is concerned because glasses are not able to correct my vision anymore. Did anyone else experience changes in their vision because of pregnancy?? Does it ever 'normalize'? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for all of your advice and stories. Sooo glad to know I am not alone with this. I was only seeing an Optometrist but I now have an appointment with a Ophthalmologist. Fingers crossed that its something that can be corrected. THANKS AGAIN!

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answers from Utica on

My eyes went all wonky during and after pregnancy too. I just got my first pair of glasses maybe 5 years ago and they were perfectly fine up until I was pregnant. They actually are still okay for me but I noticed that while I was only using my glasses to drive I started needing to pull them out more often to read things like menu boards and signs ect. Once I had my daughter my eyes did some crazy things. About a month after I had her I had to see a specialist because I had what I thought was pink eye so my regular Dr gave me a prescription that only made it worse so the specialist basically said pregnancy messes with your eyes more then they (eye doctors) can even understand and to just stop putting anything in my eye and it should correct itself. Lo and behold I did what he said and voila all better within a week. Then a few months ago I started to notice this bump on my eyelid that wasnt affecting my sight so much but was an issue because it was so close to my eyeball. Again the specialist said, use a warm compress 4x a day and it should go away. It did =). I am now 9 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and its not so much affecting my vision but I keep seeing what I describe as a phantom figure out of my left eye. I keep seeing this large white mass to my left and its big enough to always make me think there is someone standing beside me. It doesnt hurt its just annoying. Sorry this is so long but you are not alone and honestly I couldnt tell you if it gets better or corrects itself but I sure hope so because I dont want to deal with all this eye stuff forever
Good Luck

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answers from Honolulu on

I always had perfect vision!
Then with my 1st pregnancy, my vision changed. Then I needed reading glasses.
Then with my 2nd pregnancy, my vision changed again. Then I needed glasses for far and near vision.

Pregnancy, can change a woman's vision.

For me, glasses does correct my vision.
I have slight astigmatism, too.

The KEY thing is to see an Ophthalmologist. Not an Optician.
An Ophthalmologist, is a medical Doctor. An Optician is not a 'doctor' nor has medical background. They are for vision and vision accessories. ie: glasses or contacts etc., although they do vision tests.

No, my vision did not go back to its original perfect vision.
I need glasses, everyday. Now. To see far and near and for driving of course.
And also age factor, does impact changing vision.

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answers from Seattle on

I completely lost my nightvision (scary). I couldn't see 5 feet in the dark. It took until my son was in kindergarten for it to return. The best answer I got was "this happens sometimes".

Have you been seeing an opthamologist, or just an optometrist/optician?

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answers from Seattle on

You might want to consult with a behavioral optometrist. They do a more comprehensive vision exam, and might be able to give you more information.

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