Pregnancy Diarrhea

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Is Diarrhea Normal in Early Pregnancy?

A.H. asks from Salt Lake City

This is my fourth pregnancy. Never experience diarrhea before with any other of my pregnancies. But today I got it for the first time. My stomach is having a noisy ba...


Pregnancy Diarrhea?

J.G. asks from Chicago

Way too much information, but I need advice! Last Monday, I had horrible diarrhea. Everything we fine, more on Wed. Everything was fine, and then Saturday came. I've...


Constant Diarrhea

J.A. asks from Phoenix

i am 26 weeks pregnant with my second child. i have been having diarrhea for about a week now. it is worrying me and it keeps changing colors as well. i have never ha...


Diarrhea in Late Pregnancy (Maybe TMI)

C.B. asks from Louisville

Im currently 35 wks pregnant and have been having diarrhea for the past 2 or 3 days. Im on Procardia to stop me from dilating because i went into preterm labor... and...


29 Weeks and Five Days Prego with Diarrhea!!!????

S.K. asks from Miami

Is it normal to have diarrhea during your last two months?


Pregnant with Green Diarrhea

A.W. asks from Huntsville

I am 29 weeks pregnant and always calling my doctor for something. I figured i would ask the mom's on here. I have been having a green or dark stool which turns into...


Diarrhea in Breastfed Infant

A.W. asks from Chicago

When my son was 2 weeks old, he began having diarrhea. It went on for a week before my pediatrician finally sent us to a GI specialist who felt it was a protein alle...


37 Weeks Pregnant with a Bad Case of Diarrhea

T.S. asks from San Francisco

I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and I have had a case of diarrhea for approximately 1 week or more. No other signs or symptoms. I am curious if anyone else had dia...


Has a Cold and Diarrhea

T.D. asks from Tucson

wat can i do to keep a two month old from dehydration when he has bad diaherrea. he also has cold.


Postpartum Issues - Diarrhea, Loss of Appetite, Hot Flashes

M.N. asks from Atlanta

My son is six days old, and I am exclusively breast feeding him. Since he was born, I have been having diarrhea, and have had no appetite. I have lost all my pregna...