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Period Changes After Pregnancy

K.B. asks from Philadelphia

just wondering if any of you have had changes in your period after pregnancy? I have a 5 yr old and after having him my periods did go back to normal. But I had twi...


Breast Changes Not Happening in Pregnancy

V.R. asks from Sacramento

I am currently 28 weeks with my 2nd pregnancy & I'm continuing on the same pattern as my first - absolutely no changes whatsoever to my breasts, either in size or app...


Skin Changes After Pregnancy

L.L. asks from Austin

I just had my second baby this past Feb. and since then I have noticed the top of my thighs breaking out. It's minor but I can always feel little bumps on them. It's ...


Vision Changes During/after Pregnancy

T.S. asks from New York

I have always had poor vision, but glasses corrected it. During my pregnancy my vision became really wacky (one eye's vision got better but its astigmatism got worse...


Breast Changes During Pregnancy?

L.M. asks from Portland

I am 20 weeks along in my second pregnancy. I get a lot of discomfort in my left breast, along with some shooting pain that goes all the way to the muscle. I also get...


Changes in Cyle Long After Pregnancy

K.H. asks from Phoenix

Hi moms, Did you notice any change with your cycle after pregnancy? I'm talking long after, not post natal. My two kids are 5 and almost 2 and I'm noticing that ...


Do Changes in Weather Affect Your Health?

J.S. asks from Hartford

Do changes in the weather affect how you feel? Do you get headaches when it rains or snows? Do you have migraine disorder? If yes to any of these, do you have a...



B.P. asks from Tulsa

Hi, I have been on birth control for years. I only get my period every 3 months bc of it. So, I will have my period in another month. I think I have been having p...


Body Changes After Having Second Child

E.F. asks from New York

Hi everyone, I was hoping that you could help aleviate some worry for me. I had my first born six years ago. I nursed her, and for the first year of her life, I didnt...


After Pregnancy...

J.L. asks from Lansing

I know this might be a lot of information but I am wondering if anyone else went through the same thing. I have a baby who is almost 6 months old. I start my period...