Weight Gain

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Weight Gain

K.B. asks from Sacramento

I am 22 weeks and had a question with weight gain. With my first child I unfortunately gained about 60 pounds. I only lost about 15 of it. Now that puts me overweight...


Weight Gain

F.S. asks from Jacksonville

Hello, everyone. My weight gain problem started in Feb . of 07 after my Gal Bladder surgery . Before the surgery i was in alot of pain all the time , but able to los...


Weight Gain!!

M.F. asks from New York

I'm 26 and pregnant with my 3rd child..I was exercising everyday before I got pregnant this time..running 3.5 milles and doing spinning classes. And I was finally alm...


Weight Gain

L.J. asks from Tampa

I am 16 weeks pregnant with my second child. With my first, I used the opportunity to indulge in some foods that previously I considered "off limits." I was underwe...


Pregnancy Weight Gain Out of Control!

S.T. asks from Grand Rapids

My first pregnancy resulted in a weight gain of 55lbs, 25 of which have stuck with me. Toward the end of the pregnancy, I felt like the weight gain was out of contro...


Weight Gain During Pregnancy

J.H. asks from Detroit

I have a friend who is expecting her first child in October. She is around 18-19 weeks pregnant. She visited her OB recently and the doctor she saw said she was "ex...


Pregnancy Weight Gain

L.C. asks from Chicago

How much weight did you gain the first 16 weeks?


Pregnancy Weight Gain

B.B. asks from New York

This is my second pregnancy and I am almost 15 weeks. So far, I have not gained any weight although my tummy is big. I started out technically 10 lbs overweight and...


Pregnancy Weight Gain Fear

J.L. asks from Portland

I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant with my second. I can finally admit it to myself that I have a fear of weight gain even during pregnancy. I know I shouldn't feel this...


Late Pregnancy Weight Gain

A.B. asks from Richmond

Hello ladies - I have a, probably, silly question. I am 37 weeks along and recently my weight gain has dramatically increased. I would say 1/3 of my total gain h...