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D.P. asks from Fresno

Has anyone else out there experienced (blush) external hemorrhoids? What have you done to make them go away (and STAY away)? I just got my very first one and it was...


Pregnancy and Hemorrhoids

S.S. asks from Cleveland

I'm 37 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and I woke up the other morning to find something I've never had before: a small lump near my anus. By the afternoon it became...



D.E. asks from Chicago

I know this is a subject nobody likes to talk about, but I've got to know..... Does anyone have any successful, non-surgical remedies for hemorrohoids? I carried...



B. asks from Dallas

Hello moms, hopefully someone can help me, I'm currently expecting my 4th child(almost 5 months)and I have had hemorroids since my first pregnancy and they have come ...



B.P. asks from New York

This is probably the most embarrassing question I have ever asked on here but I need some advice. I have had a little bump on the outside of my rectum for about a mo...


Pregnant with Hemorrhoids

J.B. asks from St. Louis

I am in my third trimester and I'm looking for any recommendations to treat the swelling of hemorrhoids. I have been occasionally using the hemorrhoid cream that look...



C.D. asks from New York

HAs anyone ever had a hemmorhoid removed... Im in worse pain now after the surgery than before i had it. How can I get relief being pregnant? Can I use ointments?


Hemorrhoids ... Help

K.K. asks from Philadelphia

I just had my 3rd child and although I did not suffer from hemorrhoids during the pregnancy of Baby #3 or immediately following delivery, I am suffering horribly sinc...


Advice/support for Hemorrhoids

B.L. asks from Los Angeles

This is rather embarrassing and something that did not happen to me in my first 2 pregnancies. I am in my 38th week of my 3rd pregnancy and out of nowhere, I have en...


Help with Hemorrhoids

C.B. asks from Denver

So I had a repeat c-section 3 weeks ago (no pushing, no straining) and I get a painful hemorrhoid. I took stool softeners for 3 weeks prior and have continued them t...