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V.S. asks from Lima

This week, near the beginning of the week, I was sitting at work and started getting cramps below my abdomen (like period cramps). Then the cramping would move to my ...


Cramping During Pregnancy

R.C. asks from Dallas

There is a good posibility that I could be pregant but I have cramping like I am going to start my period. Has anyone else cramped likes this during very early stage...



O.G. asks from Phoenix

I recently went to the obgyn for my annual and found out im pregnant.This will be my second pregnancy the first I misscarried.Ive been having cramps of and on for a w...


Cramping in Pregnancy

A.M. asks from Orlando

I am 35 weeks pregnant as of today and have a scehedualed csection in 4 weeks. For about a little over a month I've had like period cramping in my abdomen that come a...



C.Z. asks from Sioux City

so mysteriously this is the only pd of my life that has EVER hurt. Cramps are killing me, and there is a lot of clotting. before I call the DR is this normal. January...



A.W. asks from Iowa City

So, I have 3 boys and have NEVER had a problem like this. I am having constant cramps. They are not like contractions because they don't come and go. They are constan...


Cramps During Pregnancy

S.W. asks from Dallas

I am only about 8 weeks and I had horrible cramping in my lower ab this morning. Of course I have a call in to my OB but wasn't sure if this is normal. I just had a ...


Cramps in Pregnancy

M.K. asks from Minneapolis

i am recently preg and having major cramping. I havent had a child in ten years and all of the baby books say that dont worry unless you are bleeding or spotting. M...


How to get rid of menstrual-like cramps during pregnancy?

A.M. asks from Honolulu

I am about 19-20 weeks pregnant and have been having menstrual-like cramps for about 2 or 3 days. I have also begun to have pretty bad lower back pain that radiates ...


Cramps During Early Pregnancy

J.J. asks from Minneapolis

Has anyone experienced mild cramping or a sore lower back early in pregnancy? Also, nausea so soon? There is no bleeding and the cramps/soreness comes and goes. I ...