Toy Ideas for Almost 2 Year Old Son

Updated on April 01, 2010
P.W. asks from Halethorpe, MD
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Hey Moms,

Patrick is 21 months and he is an incredibly active little boy. He loves seeing how things work - working with zippers, snaps, opening and closing doors, overall doing things with his hands. Can you recommend some toys/manipulatives that he might enjoy. He has some Melissa and Doug toys and some others, but I'm sure that you have some great suggestions. Also, what do you recommend for the car?


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answers from Dallas on

Go to the museum and visit the gift shop! I have found a ton of really cool stuff to get my daughter. Of course, it's always more expensive there, but you can take notes and order for cheaper online. :)



answers from Wichita Falls on is a great site for toys, that I think you will enjoy. Good luck!
P.S. I love the name Patrick!


answers from Charlotte on

At that age, my son's favorite toys were trains. (Thomas and Friends). They were great for his fine motor skills because he had to hook the trains and tracks together.



answers from Portland on

I think Dana nailed it!

For the car we also do little stickers and sticker books. The target $1 section has a ton of little "somethings". I often hit it up and get little things to unveil on a car trip or a particularly long errand day.

The kitchen and the toy tool bench have been long time favorites in my house.




answers from Indianapolis on

I'd highly recommend a Duplo kit. You can pick-up basic blocks at Target, Walmart, etc.

We also bought our son a tool set at that age (maybe a little earlier - my husband found a cool one at Lowes, but you can get them anywhere and the Melissa & Doug one is great).

We also got them pretend cooking items. IKEA probably has the best selection of pots/pans, utensils. Both our son and our daughter love playing with them and cooking along side me.

Sticker books are great for their fine motor skills as well as they try to match the sticker to the shape on the book.

For the car, both of our kids (daughter turned 2 on Saturday and our son wil be 4 in June) love playing with their Magnadoodles. It's the only thing they consistently pick-up.

I'd also recommend outside toys since we're getting into spring. Our kids have small shovels, etc. to play along side us. While we're dealing with mulch, they can play with some sand/rocks we have in a planter for them or in their sandbox.

Have fun - it's such a great time.



answers from Washington DC on

My son (22 months) spends hours playing with GeoTrax trains, Hot Wheels cars and the Handy Manny Repair Shop (we took the small pieces away though). He's also got a tool box that he carries around and "fixes" things throughout the house. Most recently, he's gotten super into reading - he sits for hours upon hours looking through his books and "reading". I keep some books in both our trucks for him to look at while we're out and about.

We've got a ton of Tonka trucks that he plays with outside. Also he has a tricycle and big wheel that he LOVES to ride, a bubble mower that he pushed all around and a wagon for going for walks. We just got a sand box too!



answers from Florence on

Blocks like the big fat blocks made by LEGO or something similar are always great. They can build stuff and then disassemble it. My girls love their blocks.

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