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I Feel like Such a Jerk!!

I'm reeeally paranoid when I sell stuff on craigslist. I will almost never have someone come buy something unless my fiance is home. Well today, I broadcasted to facebook that someone was coming, this is the guys name, if I'm not back on in an hour call the cops. I also placed several weapons around the house within arms reach if anything happened. Turns out, the gentleman buying my curio cabinet was this teeny little old man buying it for his adorable little old wife for mothers day. HOW CUTE IS THAT?! He showed me her picture...


Infant Bed for Travel

My husband and I are planning some weekend trips this summer with our almost...

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YOUR Symptoms of Anxiety/stress???

I have been so stressed lately.... What are YOUR symptoms of anxiety/stress? I feel like I have a whole list lately.. And it only gets longer as the days go... My patience level is at 0%...


Best Mini Van

Hi Moms! I was just in a bad wreck on Sunday. Some 18 yr old punk with...


My Child Has...

walking pneuomia, now what? My daughter is 2 years old. Lately she was...


Sports on TV

Do you count sports towards kids TV time? I'm leaning towards no. My...


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Out Growing Arms Reach Co-sleeper, What Now?

Our daughter is now 6 months and has been sleeping in an Arms Reach co-sleeper since birth and has always started out the night there except the first few weeks. She currently goes to bed in the co-sleeper at 7pm and is out relatively quickly unless she is having a bad teeth night or got over tired due to missing a nap during the day. I recently figured out how to nurse in bed on my side (about time!) and she wakes at about 4am to nurse and I have been bringing her into bed and feeding her and then she sleeps the rest of the night in bed...


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Help with Our Son's Self Confidence with Swimming

This is my first question but I have been reading other posts for a few months now and am awed at the wisdom that is available out there! This concerns my son and swimming lessons. a little bit of background - Last year he absolutely hated to get his face wet and had a healthy fear of the water. We signed him up for swimming lessons and he did make some progress with being able to hold his breath and blow bubbles under water but he never really liked to spend time at the pool. This summer, we enrolled him in swimming lessons again ...

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Are Swim Classes Worth It? If Not, How Do You Teach a Kid to Swim?

My 4 year old doesn't know how to swim yet and I'd like him to learn this summer. I initially thought I would enroll him in swimming classes but now that I know they're $20/lesson on average, I'm starting to wonder if it's worth it. I don't know the first thing to teaching a kid how to swim though. How did your kids learn and how long did it take them? Tips on how to teach? Thanks!


No Sibling Coming

My husband and I always thought that IVF would be an option to have another...

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