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Guitar Lessons for My Daughter

We live in the lower greenville/lakewood area. Willing to go downtown uptown, lake highlands etc. Can anyone recommend affordable guitar lessons for my 13 year old daughter, private or group? Thanks, Mamas!


Can Your Child Swim?

I was wondering how people teach their kids to swim? We have a pool, so I...

Baby Sign Language

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Baby Sign Language

I want to do the baby sign language for my daughter who is now 5 and a half months old. Can anyone tell me their success stories with this and which DVDs/books are the best?? Also, what age do you begin? I think she's probably still too young but I'm just getting my ducks in a row now. Thanks so much.

Bilingual Education

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Bilingual.....starting (Too) Late ?!?!?!? and How to Do It ?????

Hi, I'm German and am married to an American..... We've been living in the US for a total of 6 years now and both our sons speak only English.... My fault....clearly !!!!!!! My English is too good.....I have no one to speak German with me and I hear and speak English 24/7.... I've tried with my oldest (almost 9) but failed...every time I tried I fell back to speaking English after the 2nd sentence.... I even think and dream in English.... My oldest is asking me now to learn German....and I'm happy about it, but I don't...

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More Help with Reading

I have a daughter who is 10, and she has trouble reading. She likes to read, she likes books, but she struggles. She does well in every other subject, and is social at school and other activities. We had her tested to see if there was any other issues, and there weren't...the Dr. said she doesn't have the basic phonetic principles down, but becuase she is so bright, she has great comprehension. She has used all the "context clues" that they have taught, but she never learned phonics. What are some ways that we can incorporate basic...


Your Baby Can Read

Has anyone out there tried the "Your baby can read " program??? Does it...

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Looking for Fun Videos, Cd's and Books to Buy for 4 and 2 Year Old Living Abroad

We live in Israel and speak English to our kids. However, the only English they really hear is from other adults, resulting in a pretty funny dialect (my son uses unfortunately a lot, for example). I need reccommendations for some fun videos, cd's and books, including some with kids talking to each other..any ideas?


Gift for 10 Yo Girl?

I'm struggling to come up with a quality birthday gift for my 10 yo niece. I...


It's NO TV!

Hi Mamas, We have been boycotting television for years now. We do have a...