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Cheer Camp

C.S. asks from Chicago

I'm looking for a cheer camp for 7yr DD in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana or Iowa. I have been searching for days on the internet and the only one I found closed last ...


Camp for Grandaughter

J.B. asks from San Francisco

I have sent my grandaughter to Christian camp every year. She has to stay in church, get good grades & stay out of trouble. My husband felt like this is to much. W...


Summer Camp Lunch Ideas

C.D. asks from Chicago

I have a 1st grader who will be going to summer camp. I was looking for ideas that we can pack other than sandwiches. We do have a thermos, so we can do things like...


Daycare or Summer Camp??

K.A. asks from Philadelphia

I am looking for a summer camp thats not going to make me broke. I have been looking in the Cherry hill.


Summer Camp Ideas

J.G. asks from Chicago

I'd like my oldest to enjoy going away to camp, especially since we homeschool. I'm curious as to what age is a good age to start week long camps away from home?


Summer Camp for a Working Mom

S.P. asks from Dallas

Hello all you moms out there. I have found this site to be very helpful. I have a four year old son, but will soon be five in June. School is out for him June. 13 and...


Where to Send Kids for Summer Camp

K.B. asks from Detroit

Hello All, I am looking for a camp to send two of my children for a week or so this summer. I have a 9 year old boy and a 13 year old girl. I would like to se...


Camp Fairs in Area?

G.C. asks from Philadelphia

I am trying to look into all my options when it comes to Summer Camps. I have heard of the Great Valley Camp fair but was hoping that you all might know of some other...


Facets Film Camp

K.F. asks from Chicago

Hello fellow kid wranglers! Quick question. As a way to get my oldest son a little excited about living in this new city and making new friends, we looked up some cam...


Best Advice for Preparing 10 Year Old for Camp

T.M. asks from New York

My ten year old son is going to sleep away camp this weekend for the first time with boy scouts. (My husband will be there as well) I talk to him all the time since h...