Three Cheers for Swim Lessons!!!

Updated on July 12, 2011
C.S. asks from Crescent City, CA
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I just have to share that my kids started swim lessons today. Daughter (6) has done them before and is a total water baby. My Son (4) on the other hand "hates" the big water. We signed them both up cause he wanted to go with sister. I was so nervous, but we just had our first lesson and he ROCKED IT!!!! He was stiff as a board, but he was there and listened and did everything the teachers told him. He is excited to go back!!!!

What swim sucess stories do you have with your timid swimmers?? I would love to share the joy!

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answers from Washington DC on

I think I gave birth to fish. All mine love the water.

Congrats to yours!! Swimming is a life skill they will need.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My middle child, a boy now 5y/o was the only timid swimmer we have had. He was a more than a little cautious around the water. He learned to swim at 4y/o w/out the life jacket but refused to jump into our pool, either off the edge or the diving board? He was just too scared. I bribed him with his own XBOX and he jumped in last year and has been fearless ever since!

This year he has conquered the dive and can dive in off the diving board and retrieve a quarter off the bottom of the deep end (our pool is only 8ft deep in the deep end but still...that is amazing for 5y/o) and we are so proud of him!

~He is the fastest yet to get things off the deep end!!!

Congrats to you and yours! I love it when they conquer their fears! It is so good for them!!

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answers from Washington DC on

Mine is a little different, but I'm still "on a high" from this evening so I'll share. My girls have been fish all their lives. They've never taken swim lessons, but I brought them to the pool OFTEN from the time they were babies, and they were truly swimming at age 3. Now they are 9 and 7 and both on the swim team. We just got back from a meet where my 7 year old swam the breaststroke LEGALLY for the first time, plus she took 4 seconds off her previous fastest time! She was so excited (and obviously so was I!!) So fun to watch them grow and improve! Have fun :)

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answers from San Francisco on

Congratulations Mama!

As a mom and pool owner I am so happy to hear of moms who get their kids in swim lessons early on. It builds self confidence as well as is a life saving skill.

Here is a high five to a great swim day!

As for our success stories...we had all 3 of ours in ISR swimming as little ones. It was very reassuring that they could turn over and float on their backs if they ever fell in and we weren't around. All 3 are now on a local swim team and are such strong swimmers. Our 4 year old is the youngest on the team and swims against 5 and 6 year olds and leaves them in his dust. It is a joy to see them love the water!

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answers from Dayton on

:) We have a very...trying to find the word...headstrong little girl.
She took gymnastics for about a year and a half and really didn't like it...not a great fit for her.
So we put her in swimming for the summer-she LOVES it.

Yesterday, she really swam! All on her own, under the water!
This, a child who needs a towel to dry her eyes if a drip gets in them!

I was so proud! So happy she loves it. :) I am sharing your joy. :)

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answers from Eugene on

Well, hopefully we'll have a success story someday...but our first swim lesson was today and my almost 4 year-old refused to get in the pool with the other kids. He's really nervous around the water so I'm not that surprised but I think I thought the lessons were going to be the magic bullet and it turns out that so far they're not :(

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