Sleep overs: Teen

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Sleepover at Friend's Grandparent's House

K.H. asks from Tulsa

My 14 year old daughter has been invited to a sleepover/swim/birthday party for her best friend. They have been friends for nearly 3 years and have sleepovers at eac...


Sleepover for Middle School Aged Girls.

E.J. asks from Dallas

I am so out of touch with what girls like to do. What are fun things for girls to do at a sleepover? The girls are 12 and 13 year olds. Do I as the parent plan the...


Activities for 13 Yr Old Birthday Sleepover

M.M. asks from Dallas

Hello, My daughter will turning 13 in a couple of weeks. I am making her a B-Day Sleepover Party in a hotel. I want this to be very special for her. Since all her ...


Sleepover Help???

A. asks from Dallas

My daughter is in the 2nd grade and will be 8 in a few months. She has had a few sleepovers with friends that I know their parents and felt comfortable with, but now...


Hosting First sleepover...what to Put on the Evite???

C.S. asks from Dallas

Hello, My son is turning 6 and we want to invite some friends to spend the night and party. My little guy's never been to a sleepover before, so I imagine a lot of ...


Sleepover Movie for 9 Year Olds

L. asks from Mobile

Hey All, That about says it all! We're pondering the option of a sleepover b'day party with pizza and a movie for our soon-to-be-nine-year-old daughter. What wou...


Birthday Parties Scare Me (9Yo Son's Sleepover)

R.J. asks from Seattle

Yeah. I'm a wuss. Anxiety attacks (masterfully hidden) for the whole month prior. That part glossed over... We're looking at doing a sleepover for my son's 9th. 3 ...


Bully Invited to Sleepover Party--should We Go?

C.M. asks from Chicago

Last year my daughter went to a sleepover party at a good friend's house. She invited a girl, we'll call her "Jane." Jane and my daughter's friend go to the same scho...


Friend Sleepover Sleeping Arrangements in Home Ideas?

M.S. asks from New York

Hi Moms, Could you kindly share ideas on how you do sleeping arrangements for sleepovers. My teen son ( new 14) will have a friend ( 13) from out of town sleepov...


Any Activity Suggestions for Daughter's 10 Year Birthday Sleepover Party?

J.R. asks from Boston

My daughter will soon be turning 10 and is having 5 friends over for a sleepover party. They are at such an inbetween age for activities - not really into "games", bu...