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Bad influence

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Influence on Daughter...

DD(17) is intent on getting a tattoo once she turns 18 in a few months time. I would love to be able to influence her not to get one, but the thing is I was about her age when I got one myself and would obviously sound very hypocritical. I know that she is also very influential over younger brother (15) and if she gets one, he will definitely want one when the time comes. I guess its their decision at the end of the day but I know I would rather not have one now...its just hard to say she shouldn't without being a hypocrite. Anyone have any...

Birthday Parties

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Kids' Birthday Parties

*Do you drop your child/children off at birthday parties (not slumber parties) or do you stay with them? *When you host birthday parties do you allow kids to be dropped off? *Does your husband attend kids' birthday parties with you? I'm asking because I know some people drop off their kids and think it's a free day/break for them and sometimes didn't come back until well after the party ended. Lol. I know people that were overwhelmed or felt taken advantage of because they allowed drop-offs. I also know couples in which the husband...

Sleep overs

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16 Year Old Daughter Wants a Sleepover with a Boy...

This question has me puzzled... Need some advice. My 16 year old daughter (who is a good girl) has a very nice boyfriend and they are both Christian, have morals, etc. Well my daughter also has a different friend at school (a boy) who is gay. She is really good friends with him and has asked if they could hang out at the movies tomorrow and then have a sleepover at his house - I looked at her a bit shocked when she asked about the sleepover, but then she said to me, 'you know he Is gay!' as if I should not worry, it would be...


Girls at Sleepover

My daughter told me at a recent sleepover that 3 of the girls were naked...