Sleep overs: Teen

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Hi! I Would like Some Ideas on Activities to Do at a Sleep over for 8 Boys!!

J.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hi MOM's!! My son is turning 7 and asked for a sleepover. I will have 8 boys. Any suggestions on activities would be great!!


Advice Going into the Teen Years- and They Are Not Even Mine!!

L.C. asks from Portland

I live with my boyfriend who has 2 kids- a 10YO girl and a 12YO boy. I have a 7YO boy of my own and all 3 kids live with us. Lately we have been starting to notice ...


What Age for Sleep-overs?

T.R. asks from Orlando

At what age were you comfortable with having your child go and sleepover at their friend's house? And did they handle their first sleep over OK and stay the whole nig...


What Do Your Tween Boys Wear to Bed?

M.C. asks from Detroit

My 10 year old son needs new pajamas since he has outgrown his. I am having a tough time finding sleep pants or pjs size 12/14 at the stores and unbelievably, online...


In Need of an Idea... Quickly

J.G. asks from New York

Good Morning, My daughter is turning 13 in a few weeks and wants to have a sleepover. Last year we did a mall scavenger hunt and then a sleep over. This year I am lo...


Advice on Party Planning

M.K. asks from Chicago

My daughter is turning one in June and we're also having her Christening party at the same time. Late christening date due to family schedule conflicts. I was wonde...


At What Age Are Sleepovers Appropriate?

A.E. asks from Waco

Hi Moms, Just want to get your input regarding sleepovers. My daughter just turned 5 and was invited to her first sleepover for a girl who is turning 6. I know t...


Teen Birthday Party Ideas?

C.D. asks from Boston

My daughter is turning 14 soon and we're about to plan her birthday party. Traditionally, I've said a max of 10 for sleepovers, which includes herself, seven friends...


13YO Makes Plans at Our House Without Asking

S.L. asks from Des Moines

I was very angry today that my dd made plans with a friend without asking. We were planning a trip to the water park where we have a pass. I told her I would go for ...


Teen Daughter and 'Myspace'

H.T. asks from Los Angeles

Hello ladies! I have a 13 year old GREAT daughter. She is incredibly social and gets straight A's in school. The problem is that she wants a myspace. I have one, a...