Hosting First sleepover...what to Put on the Evite???

Updated on February 03, 2009
C.S. asks from Allen, TX
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My son is turning 6 and we want to invite some friends to spend the night and party. My little guy's never been to a sleepover before, so I imagine a lot of our guests never have either. I'd want to know the specifics, like, what kinds of food, what kinds of movies, games, etc. especially if I hadn't been to the child's home before. Even though it'll sound spastic, I'm going to put "we don't own firearms" just because I'd want to ask, but would be embarrassed. Although we know most of the families pretty well, most have not been to our house. If you were the parent of a 5-6 year old little boy, what would you want to know before you let your little guy spend the night? Thanks Moms! I always get such GREAT advice here!!!

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answers from Dallas on

Personally, I would think you're crazy if you put "no firearms" on the evite. However, I would expect concerned parents to ask me and I would be prepared to answer those questions. Concerned parents call ahead of time. The rest don't and won't care.

I "questioned" every household I let my children stay at without me when they were younger. The gun question was always on my list.

Food... you shouldn't worry. Just have a variety. If someone has an allergy the parent will tell you when they rsvp then you can adjust.

And I never went to a party at that age that the parents weren't welcome to stay at too.

Sleep-overs... it's a little young, but boys usually grow out of it soon and girls NEVER do.

Have fun.

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answers from Dallas on

I have a 14 yr old and we have had sleepovers since she was in K. We have hosted and she has attended. To this day, there is at least 1 sleepover somewhere on the weekends.

In the beginning, she would sleepover with someone we knew pretty well. I like the idea of having the invitation so that parents can come in meet you, your husband and see that the children will be safe. The 1 thing with that age group that I might be concerned about would be if you have a pool. I am protective but I'm not a helicopter mom.

This is a very social thing that my daughter and her friends enjoy. We as parents like that our daughter is socializing, enjoying her teen years and getting learning experiences by seeing how other families live as well.

I would not stop the sleepover, just have good communication with the parents and let the kids have fun.

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answers from Dallas on

I personally don't allow my children to sleepover at their friend's homes. My oldest is nine and he understands that it's the rule in our home and he's fine with it. We do however host sleepovers almost weekly. I'm amazed at how easily some parents will leave their child with someone they barely know. We had just moved to Keller last August and my son's bday is early November. For his party I hosted a surprise party at our home with an optional sleepover. I didn't tell my son about it b/c I figured since none of the parents knew me there probably wouldn't be anyone sleeping over. I believe we had 10-12 boys sleepover that night. My daughter had a four year old little girl sleepover last fall as well. I had met her parents a handful of times in passing so again I was amazed that they let her stay. I guess my point is I wouldn't stress out too much about what to put on the invitation. Just put basic information. If parents want to know specifics, they'll ask. I am one of those "helicoptor moms" and it wouldn't matter what you put on the invitation. I would allow him to attend the party, but I would pick him up that evening. Most parents have already talked about this issue and made decisions before it even comes up. Good luck and enjoy your little one's birthday.

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answers from Dallas on

Morning C.,

You stated that you know the parents pretty well, thats great that will make the parents feel better about leaving their kids with you. Maybe before the party have some of the parents over with their kids for a play date for a hour or so like a tea party for the parents, just to get a feel of who you and your husband are in your house rather than at school. I told my children when they were younger that they couldnt go stay any place because I didnt know the parents. Once my children understood why and the reasons. They would make me and the other parents have a PLAY DATE so we would meet and get to know one another. For the party...well what is the hot item with kids this age now GI joe for boys? I heard someone talk about the movie coming back out. Dont know if it is good for this age I havn't see it personally. Cars is a good movies to watch My kids never got old with movies they seen before. On the evite I would say something like I have a very SAFE inviroment stuff like that. Hey if nothing else and there are a few parents that dont want to let the children spend the night as one of your responders said let them come and if they have to leave at least they came to the party. Dont take it personal if they don't stay. I am like you as long as I know the parents I would not have a problem with it. Some parents have the sepration thing going on with the children of this age and they don't want their kids being gone at night, face it 6 years old they are probably having a hard time with the first time they go to school. Not saying anything bad about them but that is a fact to consider. My sister, one time went to a sleepover with her girl at a girl scout sleep over. That wasn't because of her it was more the father. Till this day my neice still can't spend the night or do anything without her mother due to the father and she is 13 yrs old. So that gives you an ideal how protective some people can be. I would just assure them that their little one is going to be safe.

Good luck


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answers from Dallas on

First of all, I think your idea of mentioning no firearms is a wonderful idea. It is something I think about even for regular playdates when I am in the house. As far as a sleepover in general, I would let a 5-6 year old sleep over only if I knew the parents well. As other moms suggested, perhaps having a family hour for a parent meet and greet before hand would ease some parents' minds. I think you should also make it an easy option for parents to come and pick up their kids at a certain evening hour - maybe 10pm or so. That would probably be best for kids who are nervous about sleeping over, but still want to enjoy the party. Like others said, address the pool issue. You might also want to find a way to address whether or not you'll let kids have access to a TV. Access to goodness knows what on cable scares me!

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answers from Dallas on

I'd want to know whether you had a pool. If you do is it locked? What to bring (pillow and bedroll) and what time to pick my child up in the morning. Sometimes it is fun to ask the parents to arrive early for coffee.

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answers from Dallas on

I hate to say it, but I dont let my children that age sleep over either...ok, I barely let my 8 year old sleep over, so that tells you how protective I am!! I might suggest a late nighter...the kids come in PJ's and do some of the normal sleep over activites, but they are picked up around 9 or 9:30. They have a hard time getting to sleep in a big group, and you never know how other kids will react to it. I too, dont want to rain on your parade, but I would say no..or I would say that my child could come, but I will be picking them up that night. Just a thought...~A.~

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answers from Dallas on

Hi C.,
Maybe I'm over protective, but I'm not quite sure I would let my little guy (he is 6) spend the night at a friend's house quite yet.
Just my take on it. I don't mean to offend your idea.

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