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What Is Your Mama Opnion on Spong Bob Square Pants

D.D. asks from Denver

My 1st grader loves to watch it, my husband and I are not always sure we like it. Can you give your comments on this cartoon?


Would You Allow Your 3 Year Old to Go to the Neighborhood Park with 8 Year Old?

H.M. asks from Denver

I really don't think I'm ready for this but my gf just asked if I'd let her daughter and my daughter (4 and 3 respectively) go to the park today with their brothers (...


Short or Long Hair for a 7 Year Old Girl?

T.D. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi! My 7 year old daughter has really long hair and loves it. However, she gets upset EVERY time I try to brush and style it. Most of the time I just brush it out ...


Chubby 9-Year Old

K.S. asks from Chicago

How can I help my overweight 9 year old daughter lose weight and still feel good about her body? She's already talking about how she doesn't look good in clothes, fee...


Stroller for Older Child

N.G. asks from New York

Hi everyone, Does anyone have any suggestions for a good stroller for an older child (6-7 yrs old)? I travel often with my son and found that using a stroller helps...


8 Year Old Can Not Read

H.G. asks from Abilene

Hello Moms, I know a little boy that is as sweet as can be but has not had the best parents growing up. Now he just turned 8 and can not read. I would like to know...


6 Year Old Asking Where Babies Come from [And More]

M.A. asks from Orlando

My 6 year old is a bit of an organizer. When we moved into our home I gave him my old desk, not realizing exactly what was in it. I knew I needed to clean it out thou...


Helping My 7 Year Old Read

J.G. asks from Houston

Hi Everyone, I was wondering if any of you had advice on what I can do to get my son to read better. He is in first grade and is just below level in reading. It ...


Would You Let Your 6 Year Old Attend a Pool Party?

R.W. asks from New York

My 6 year old daughter was invited to a pool party for this sunday. I am a little concerned about letting her go. She is just learning how to swim and when I asked th...