Nutrition: Toddler, Puppets

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What to Put in Plastic Easter Egg for 1 Year Old

My granny loves to do an egg hunt for Easter. She uses the plastic eggs and even though she's in the hospital right now (we're hoping she is out in time) we'd still like to carry on her tradition. This would be our son's first Easter as well. We are going to put "piggy food" which is coins in to a few of them. Don't worry he doesn't put them in his mouth, he's very well "trained" as to where piggy food goes and he'll walk right over and put it in his bank. We don't want candy and most of the toys we see are for 3+. Any ideas?

Eating Out

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17 Mo Old Throws Tantrums in Restaurants!

I have a very very active 17 month old boy who behaves generally well at home! He very rarely throws tantrums, once in a while when he doesn't get his way, but not always! However, my husband and I have found it impossible to take to restaurants due to his behavior in the restaurant! He will not sit in a highchair, he wants to run around the restaurant, or wants us to walk him around the restaurant He always wants what he can't have, he throws food if he doesn't get what he wants!! I tried putting him in the booth with us and that usually...


Feeding Accessories

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Advice for Trip to Hawaii

My daughter is 3 months old and we are taking a family vacation to hawaii at the end of the week. Does anyone have any previous experience and tips for traveling through the airport with a baby? Thanks

Picky Eater

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Beyond Fussy Eater

how can i get my child to eat more of a variety of food like she did when she was a baby?

Solid Foods & Weaning

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Help with Solid Food Schedule for 10 Month Old

My 10-month began eating solids when he was 6 months and ate really well - then a month or so ago, he basically refuses to eat them. He will eat in the mornings (eggs, fruit etc) but as the day goes on he won't eat them and only wants bottles of formula. Can anyone suggest anything/send an example of how much your baby eats and when (and the breakdown of solids/milk). I thought the milk would be tapering off now, but it doesn't seem to be. He doesn't have any teeth yet also. Thanks.