Nutrition: Toddler, Gerber

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Looking for Some Formula Advice on Similac, Parents Choice, or Gerber

We are switching to formula, baby is 4 weeks old.. I am assuming she has some lactose or milk protein sensitivity because I do, and my son is lactose intollerant, as well as most of my family. I looked at Similac Sensitive, and I learned that it does not have lactose in it, but instead has corn syrup. Similac Total Comfort looks nice, does anyone know if it has lactose, or how has your experience been on it? I've also heard good things about Parents Choice and Gerber. I want to start her on something for milk protein/lactose...

Bottle & Breastfeeding

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My 18 Month Old Is Underweight

I really need some advice. At 15 months my daughter weighed 16 pounds and was diagnosed as failure to thrive. She is growing appropriately in height and head circumfernce, she is just very tiny. We have done all kinds of tests to "rule out" anything abnormal and thank God they have all come back normal. At 18 months she now weighs 17 1/2 pounds. We saw a nutritionist but all the advice she gave me I cannot incorporate due to the fact that my little one won't hardly eat, much less eat the recipes she provided. If we do the pediasure a day...


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Introducing Solids to Daughter, Digestion Is Tough

I have a 5 month old daughter just starting out on some solids. We prepare fresh fruits, veggies, oatmeal and rice. She also enjoys cherrios and graham crackers. Obviously her digestion has changed, but should she labor with bowel movements? I think this may be the reason she was up crying every two hours tonight. Anyone have the same experience and any suggestions? I will discuss with our family doctor next visit.


Infant with Gas

My 2 month old son has been suffering from long periods of excessive gas-...


Infant Food Confusion

Hopefully someone out there in cyberspace can clear some of this up for me. ...

Eating Out

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18 Month Eating Stage 3 Gerber

I have a friend who cares for a 18 month old baby. For some reason, the mother refuses to let the baby have gerber graduates or any kind of table food. The baby has teeth and still eats stage 3 gerber. As a mattter of fact, the mom has just introduced a sippy cup 2 weeks ago and even with that, she sends a bottle just in case. However, my friend refuses go use the bottle and prefers to continue the child's progression with the sippy cup. I know with new parents they tend to be very cautious but this isn't the first baby. It's...


Feeding Accessories

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The Real Truth About Breast Feeding.

With my first child I didn't breast feed. I was told all these horror stories about how it hurts. You get raw, One breast can become bigger than the other and never return to its original size, Clogged milk ducts that get infected. Some people went as far as to tell me my breasts would sag afterwords. The scariest thing I was told was that my friends friends friend had her nipple bitten clean off... LoL Not sure if there's any truth behind that one though. But it sure put a bad image in my head. I'd like to know the truth behind breast...

Healthy Snacks

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Need Some Ideas for Good, Healthy Snacks

My daughter is 10 months old and is in the process of transitioning to some 'big people' food. She still has cereal and fruit for breakfast and lunch but she is working her way to more regular food than baby food. I'm looking for ideas on soft, healthy snacks that I give her. She doesn't have any teeth yet but she is really good about chewing stuff. I do not currently give her anything that is hard because I don't want to hurt her gums. Do you have any suggestions on what healthy snacks I can give her during the day? I work full-time...


Snacks Before Bed

Hello All! I was just curious as to what you all give your children for...


Snacks for Toddlers

I am seeking some ideas for snacks 'on the go' for my 2 1/2 yr old son....

Juice & Milk

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When to Try Milk and Juice

Hi there my trusty Moms. I have a 10 month old who is an outstanding eater. She has been eating table food since she was 4 months. I will feed her formula (milk based) and jar baby food, but she is more into chicken, rice, tri tip, on. When can I give her whole milk? And when can I start giving her juice? I assume that anything can be tried, but I want to know if anyone has had any bad experiences with doing this. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but she needs the formula until she is 12 months atleast for the nutritional...


Soda vs Juice

Sorry to highjack bumblebee's post.... but all the comments insinuating that...


Milk and Juice

I am wondering how many ounces of liquids does a 16 month old need? And what...


Toddlers with Juice?

My daughter is 16 months old. We have kept juice from her up to this point...


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Getting Fluids Down

Hi mamas, My neice is 10 months and has caught the rotavirus. She was hospitalized for a few days but came home today. She won't take any fluids. My sister is desperate because they said if she doesn't get her to take something soon, she will be back in the hospital. do you mamas have any advice?


Milk and Juice

I am wondering how many ounces of liquids does a 16 month old need? And what...


Picky Eater

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15 Month Old Picky Eater

My 15 month old is a really picky eater. She will eat meat, cheese or rice. No fruits or veggies. She refuses to try things I know she would like if she gave it a chance. She WILL NOT let me feed her. She has to feed herself but can't use a spoon yet. So only finger foods and if it doesn't look familiar, she won't touch it. I've tried sticking new foods in her mouth real fast so she will try them, but she spits it out and gets frustrated at me for tricking her. Any suggestions?


Very Picky Eater

My 15 month old is a ver picky eater. There are certain things she likes,...


My Picky Eater

I have a 4 year old son who is a very picky eater. I am wondering if there...

Refusing to Eat

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7 Month Old Refuses to Eat from Bottle

I have a 7 month old daughter who will not eat from a bottle. I have been breastfeeding. Up until about 2 months ago, she would occasionally eat a bottle of pumped milk fed to her by her dad or grandma. Now, she absolutely refuses. I was gone all day yesterday, and she went without milk for 12 hours because she wouldn't eat from the bottle. We did start feeding her some solids in the past couple months, but I'm not sure that has anything to do with it. It seems like she forgot how to eat from the bottle. She will kind of chew the...

Solid Foods & Weaning

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13 Month Old Not Interested in Solid Food

Hello I have a 13 month son who has very litle interest in solid food. I have tried feeding him solids since 6months. He mostly spits everything out or will eat a few bites and then lose interest. I thought at first it was just the texture of purrees. He will eat Cheerios and graham crackers. Sometimes I can get him to eat bananas, scrambled eggs, beans, and cut up string cheese. And that's about it. I nurse him exclusivly and it seems that is what he prefers. But I know he is hungry because he wants to nurse frequently. My pediatrician...