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Question Regarding Toddler Boy Having a Yeast Infection

My son was recently diagnosed with having a yeast infection around his genital area. The dr prescribed Nystatin (sp?). I used it for maybe a day and my son complained that it burned. I'm not sure if this is suppose to be a reaction to the meds. My husband said it burns because it's working. I've never heard of something like that before. Needless to say, I've stopped using it and now I'm using Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment. He's genital area is not as red as it was but this product doesn't help with the itching. Any advice you...


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Yeast Infection in 9 Month Old?

My little girl always seems to be red in the diaper area, both inside her privates and on the outer lip area. Is there any cream I should be using to help reduce the irritation? Could it be reoccurring yeast infections? How can I tell the difference? I do notice that when I'm changing her diaper or she's taking a bath, she'll scratch the area with her hands (not sure if she's exploring her girly parts or if they truly itch). We go to the doc. for her 9 month check up soon, so I'll be asking more about it then. But for now, I thought I...

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Nystatin Expertise' for Rash Infection

Thanks to all of your advice for my son's perpetual rash I did get him in to the dr and he is being treated for a yeast infection with nystatin ointment. We've been applying it w/ every diaper change and using warm washclothes to clean him- anyone know how long it should take before its cleared up. Its only been about 2 days since we started but I'm anxious because we have tried so much in the past with no avail.


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Nystatin & Diarrhea

We seem to be in a downward spiral of maladies! Three weeks ago, my 6 mo.-old was diagnosed with Thrush. (Which in itself is weird since he's on the older side for Thrush, and I'm no longer nursing.) We were given Nystatin, and after now our third round it has proven to be ineffective. During all of this, he also developed diarrhea, and subsequently a HORRIBLE diaper rash that we're finding hard to battle. Several of you have suggested Gentian Violet, and I've heard it's messy. I'm OK with his mouth being blue/purple for a few days. But is...