Nutrition: Toddler, Snugli

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Advice of Gift for Single Mom with No Car (Rides Bus)

A friend of mine has an almost 6 week old baby (Jasmine 8 pounds...was 5 weeks early). I've known her my whole life. She is a single mom with no car...rides the bus everywhere. Right now, she has almost nothing...bassinet blankets, and I think enough clothes that currently fit. The Jasmine's dad has a car/carseat and picks her up somethign like every other weekend. Anyway, my friend is pretty much confined to her house with the baby. Her shower is in a couple weeks. I don't have much left from when my son was tiny, and what I did have i...

Bottle & Breastfeeding

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6 Month Old Crying Fits

HELP! My 6 month old shrieks and has crying fits whenever I lay her down and walk away for a minute to do something. She'll cry and cry and cry until I pick her up. I've tried to amuse her with a mobile and a mirror toy in her crib, but she's not interested. I can't get anything done! Is this a phase, will she grow out of it?


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5 Month Old Cries ALL the Time

Hi there, I have a 5 month old little girl that cries all the time. If she is awake she is almost guarenteed to be cring. She has been doing this for about 2 1/2-3 months. I have taken her to her doctor and he says that there is nothing wrong with her and that it is more then likely a faze. But at this point I am about to tear my hair out. I have tried everything I can think of: new toys, play mats, going for walks, playing music/t.v.,etc. I've tried a new formula and even letting her cry it out (which I hate doing). But nothing has worked...

Overweight or Underweight

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Grouchy 1 Year Old

I have a 15 month old son that doesn't sleep well most nights, which he normally been doing!! He nags me all night. When I get off work and pick him up from daycare we go home. When I try to clean up and get prepared for the next day, he doesn't let me do anything. He's pulling on my pants leg crying, wanting me to pick him up. He doesn't want me to do anything but hold him. Then once we're sleep, he wakes up about 2am and toss and turn and crying wanting me to hold him and put him back to sleep. And another thing some nights he doesn't...


Moby or Maya?

I am expecting baby #2 in early August. I'm definitely into baby wearing...


Baby Carrier Help

I am interested in babywearing this time around. I have been researching my...

Solid Foods & Weaning

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3 Month Old That Hardly Sleeps!

My son just turned 3 months old and has been having trouble sleep for the past 10 weeks. The 1st 2 weeks we were home from the hospital he was an angel! He slept all the time and hardly ever cried, then all of a sudden he started being really fussy and crying all the time and not wanting to sleep (except for when he is held). This has been going on for weeks. It seems like he wants to be constantly held. I can get him to sleep in my arms, but the minute I lay him down he is wide awake and beings to scream. He will sleep for 15-45 mins....