Baby Shower Gift for Twins

Updated on December 07, 2015
K.C. asks from Collegeville, PA
17 answers

Hello! A friend of mine is having identical twin girls. Her baby shower is this Sunday and I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on what to get for her. I would love to hear from moms of twins on some things they couldn't have lived without. Thanks for your time!

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answers from Scranton on

I have twin girls and honestly more than anything I really wished to have a helping hand along with meals ready to go. Like other moms who you are reading from, you can see the pattern. One can be wonderful but also a handful Two is humm a pleasant overkill.
Material things-honestly, oneies for the first few months-we don't have time for dress ups unless this is the couples first. Get clothes for next season if at all possible. AND DIAPERS< DIAPERS< DIAPERS!!!!!I think most of my money went into the diaper fund that some months I would freak when we ran low.
I couldn't live w/o the double stroller by graco duo lite, lasted me up to the present age of 3 and still using it.

Mom of 4. 9,7, and 3&3.

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answers from Allentown on

don't have twins but I swear from now on I will only ever buy diapers and/or wipes as shower gifts. My daughter is 14 months and we STILL don't have to buy diapers... we were given so many packages. What a great gift!!!! And I'm sure with twins the supply could easily fall short of the demand frequently.



answers from Lancaster on

I am a mom of twin boys who are 4 (where did the time go?). The one thing I could have never done without were the boppies. I bottle fed my babies, and the boppies were a lifesaver. Also our church brought meals for weeks afterward.


answers from Jacksonville on

Hi... There is so difficult to find gift for twins...Oh boy…or girl. Maybe there will be one of each! Imagine the shock of finding out you are not only pregnant, but pregnant with twins! That means double the diapers, double the clothes and double the college tuition. Celebrate the upcoming arrival of your little bundles of joy with a baby shower for twins.
I think you can give her Baby Shower basket or diaper cake its really best for twins girls like its easy to take from diaper cake and fast change.


answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi K.. A friend of mine had twins right after I had my oldest...the best gift she said she ever got was a weekend of sleep after bringing the babies home! Three of us got together and over a weekend we each brought dinner to them then spent a night feeding, changing & cuddling her boys while she and her husband slept. Even though I had a new baby myself (mine is a couple of weeks older) I had a great time out of my own house with her babies. To be honest it started out as a "we don't have any money, what can we do" kind of gift, but they loved it! Since then a group of us banned together to keep giving the "dinner and sleep" weekend! We took pictures, made certificates, swapped became a real event and we all became even better friends! LOL sometimes we even did laundry!! Just an idea for you!!



answers from Scranton on

I never had twins, but I just had my first six months ago. I just wanted to make sure to say that the best gifts I got were the gift cards and money! Everyone loves buying cutesy things... I got tons of clothes and blankets and things, but I still needed so much after my shower. I was able to combine my gift cards for some of the bigger things I needed and they helped so much!



answers from Philadelphia on

Diapers!!! Also I used my bouncy seats for everything-feedings especially!



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi K.! :)

As a mom of identical twins myself, I can say the greatest gift I received was meals.... a friend organized meals for us for about 3 weeks from the time the babies were born. If someone else isn't already doing this for your friend, it could be a great thing to do to send around a note pad at the shower so people could add their names to the meal list. Every other night worked best, since many of the meals were big enough for left overs the next day. Another idea for a gift would be a cleaning service for a day (AWESOME, especially at about 2 weeks post-partum when the house has gone to heck! :) One more thought - if she's breastfeeding, a great book like The Breastfeeding Book by Dr. Sears, or a breastfeeding basket with things like breast pads, nipple cream, hand breast pump, nursing pillow, etc.

Hope this helps!!

Meg in Jenkintown



answers from Pittsburgh on


I'm the mom of 3.5 year old boy/girl twins and some things that were great:

Graco Snugride Infant Seats with matching double stroller. They come with bases for the car and like someone else said, they snap right into the stroller. I really, really missed them when my kids outgrew them.

If she's having trouble sleeping, the Total Body Comfort Pillow from One Step Ahead. I also used it for afterwards for those in the middle of the night breastfeedings. I could keep a baby up higher up between my husband and myself so if I fell back asleep, I wouldn't have the risk of them getting trapped under the covers.

Fisher Price's Ocean Wonders Swing. It was a fun place to let one sit while I was tending to the other. She only needs one.

Tiny Love's Gymini. My kids loved this!

The Baby Einstein bowls with the rubber ring bottom. Don't bother with the spoons.

Baby Einstein videos and books. The Baby Babble DVD is also great; it's by a couple of speech pathologists and also has tips for parents to encourage speech.

Knit crib sheets, not cotton. The knit ones fit better, no matter which mattress we used. Also waterproof mattress pads.

Convertible crib(s). My mom bought us one even though we knew we weren't going to use it for a toddler bed. They shared a crib for while, and then we bought a cheaper one. The convertible crib only needed tightening of the bolts twice in over three years; the other one needed constant adjustment.

Prefolded cloth diapers for burp rags. Don't bother getting the cutesy burp rags, they don't do nearly enough.

Cabinet Flex-Locks by Safety 1st. Only lock that my two still haven't figured out. We're still using one on our side-by-side refrigerator!

Furniture straps. Two children working together can pull bigger stuff down far easier than one child working alone.

It's difficult to buy clothes for twins early on; moms get too many onesies and cute outfits in smaller sizes that the kids never wear, but until you get an idea of the growth rate(s), it's hard to buy ahead on sizes (re: seasons). If you do get clothes, get stuff with snaps at the bottom for easy diaper changes.

Stretchie foot pajamas from Children's Place. Once they start moving, they were comfortable and not baggy so as to restrict movement. Look for a sale - usually 3 for $25.

A copy of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - my kids still love this book.

The old-fashioned wooden alphabet blocks.

Wipes, diapers, Diaper Dekor Plus Diaper Pail and refills.

If your friend is planning on making baby food when they're ready, the book "Super Baby Food" by Ruth Yaron and a good blender that grinds.

I know I appreciated someone helping me with the housework stuff occasionally so I could concentrate on my kids. Most people want to visit with the babies not realizing that one of the biggest stressors for a mom of multiples is falling behind on everything else and not getting nearly enough time to just sit and play with your babies - you're dividing your attention between two needy individuals instead of focusing solely on one.

If you can commit to the time and are willing, "coupons" for other housework like shoveling the walks, putting up shelves, trimming the hedges, mowing the lawn, help with spring cleaning, etc. If someone's by themselves with the babies all day, it's very hard to get these types of things done. I didn't get to wash/clean my curtains for almost 3 years! LOL! Never did get this gift, but I could've used it. :-)

I never used the Pack 'n Play; don't bother. Most toys until they get much older you only need one.

A subscription to Twins Magazine.

If she has a digital camera, maybe some prepaid prints from Snapfish.

Hopefully she won't need this, but my son was in NICU for a week and we were "nesting" at the hospital. Some friends brought us food and drinks; microwavable soups, cereal bars, etc. after I complained that it was costing us more in cafeteria food than the copays for the doc visits to have the babies! It was the most thoughtful and useful thing anyone could have done for us at that time.

Most of all, a willing ear and shoulder to remind her that she's not going insane and she can handle it all. :-)



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi K.,

I am a mom with twin girls. Depending on how much you want to spend, one thing I could not live without was the Snap N Go stroller by Graco. I believe it is around $100.00. It was the best thing ever. All it is, is a frame and you just transfer the car seats right into the frame. I used it the entire first year. I really hated giving it up when I moved them out of the infant car seats.

Another gift I used was bouncy seats. They sat in there to drink their bottles. Make sure if you buy that, you get two.

But I would have to say that the stroller was the best thing ever. My best friend also had twins and I know she would say the same...If I think of anything else, I will write back. You could always contact me back if you have any questions about a gift!

Good Luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

I thought getting Twins Magazine was a great idea. I actually never got it because I didn't want to spend the money, but, I would have loved to get as a gift!
Also, most twins are born early (mine were!) and it was frustrating putting them in clothes that don't fit. If you could find some preemie clothes to give her when the babies are born, that would be really helpful. The Gap actually carried preemie clothes. It seems silly but seeing your children with huge clothes on is a constant reminder that they should still be "baking!"
If you're getting clothes, I would find out if she will be dressing them alike. I wanted my little guys to be their own different people and not be viewed as a set, so I've never dressed them alike. Plus, I figured, why make it more difficult for people to tell them apart.
Anyway, all those extra outfits that were the same, seemed like a waste to me.

Then there is always gift cards to a Super Suppers type place (You could do it as a girls night and she can escape for awhile and walk away with 8-12 meals)or chipping in for a cleaning service.

Mostly, she'll just need your support and meals. That was the most helpful to me. I didn't want to have to think about dinner when I was so sleep deprived. If she has a big enough freezer you could make the meals as her shower gift! It's always a treat to get something that's for the mom!



answers from Philadelphia on

I am a mom of 18 month old twin girls. I agree with most of the posts here. My summary of God-send "gifts" we received were:
- pre-made meals (preferably "home made"). a complete sanity saver. your friend will be so sleep deprived that if she and her husband get a minute, the last thing they want to do is cook. easy to prepare meals are a GREAT gift.
- a "night off". offer to come over for 5 or 6 hours so your friend and her husband can take a nap, get a shower, or just relax without the constant cycle of feeding and diapering. this, along with the meals, was probably the single most cherished "gift". Amazing how just a 1-2 hour nap can make you a new person! And a happy mom = happy babies.
- boppy (2) - my girls still love to lay on them to relax
- swaddle me blankets. my girls slept much better when they were wrapped like a burrito. we used them until they were about 4 months!
- white noise/sound machine. you can set it to wind or waves or "nature" sounds. It is great to drown out any other sounds in the house so they can fall asleep easier. we still use the sound machine.
- baby einstein DVDs. gotta love these things. I don't let the girls watch a lot of tv. however, I do use the einstein DVDs for their wind down time before naps or bedtime. most of the DVDs are calming, and they love the puppets. works every time.



answers from Lancaster on

I have twin boys who are 26 months old now. We used Swaddle Me's for the first 4 months and they were life savers. No need to try to keep a blanket swaddled around them. These have velcro and are designed for the baby to slip right into it. They come in fleece and lighter weights too for different times of the year. We also had 2 swings which were lifesavers. We only started with one, but got another one the first week the boys were home and we were so glad that we did! HOpe this helps. There are many other things too, but too many to list!



answers from Williamsport on

My girlfriend just had twins and she appreciated any extra hand she could find.

Most new moms are shy to pass their baby on to someone else... most new moms wouldn't dare to leave their baby with someone else while they napped... but my girlfriend laughed when she thought of those things.

Even if you can visit one day a week for an hour... even if the babies are already sleeping... you can be there to keep an eye on them for her. Or, maybe you can do the grocery shopping... or you can run some laundry.

It might seem like a boring gift to give at the shower, but its really the most appreciated.

If you want to actually give her something, I would strongly suggest a bottle warmer for the car... it plugs into the cigarette plug. They are a life saver when you have a screaming (or 2) baby in the back seat.



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi i am a mom of twin girls just turned 5. The one thing i did not get and wish I had was Diapers go to BJs or sams and get a hug case of diapers not the little ones but i would say size 2 or 3 the babies will be in them before she nows it and this is a great help



answers from Philadelphia on

hi, i have twins and the one thing that i couldn't stress enough , even thou it is so much fun. IF people are going to buy the same outfit then find it in two differnet colors. Other things that i loved was boppes the horse shoe looking pillows. Doulble stoller, i went threw so many of them. Gift cet. So when they grow i would have them to go and get what they need.

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