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Gift for Baby Showerd

Moms. I am invited to baby shower. This is my 1st baby shower,after all it is American culture here. So, what should I give? Honestly, I never have baby shower for my son. And when my son was born, people donate money because they know we will need it for surgery. And I didn't buy anything because my sister gave me all outfits. I usually gave the baby in Indo : Johnson baby bath package, it is common. Or money. Is it okay to give money? How much? If gift, how much to be considered polite here? Thanks Update: Btw, do we have to bring...

Feeding Accessories

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Frequent Waking in 4-Month-Old Baby

Hello! My daughter just turned four months old and is waking several times throughout the night (anywhere from a few times to almost hourly). She was like this as an infant until we bought the Miracle Blanket swaddler. She then began sleeping through the night (10-hour stretches!). I've read that most babies should be weaned from swaddling around 3 to 4 months, so we stopped swaddling her, and she just does not sleep well without it. When she wakes, I give her her binky, and she'll fall back to sleep until the next waking. I do not...

Solid Foods & Weaning

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Miracle Blanket Users - When Did You Stop Using It?

My daughter just turned 6 months old and still sleeps wrapped up tightly in her miracle blanket. Wondering when your kids wrestled free. (My oldest used Miracle blankets until about 5 months and always woke up with it sort of loosely wrapped in place until she finally broke free -- then we dropped it cold turkey. Shortly thereafter she started sleeping on her belly in a Halo.) Is there any reason for me to stop wrapping her up? I told her doc at her well baby visit that she still sleeps swaddled up tightly and he didn't bat an eye so I...