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17 Mo Old Throws Tantrums in Restaurants!

I have a very very active 17 month old boy who behaves generally well at home! He very rarely throws tantrums, once in a while when he doesn't get his way, but not always! However, my husband and I have found it impossible to take to restaurants due to his behavior in the restaurant! He will not sit in a highchair, he wants to run around the restaurant, or wants us to walk him around the restaurant He always wants what he can't have, he throws food if he doesn't get what he wants!! I tried putting him in the booth with us and that usually...

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10 Hour Car Ride with 20 Month Old Toddler

Does anyone have any suggestions for making a 10 hour trip more enjoyable (tolerable) for a 20 month old little boy? We just ordered a travel tray thing to help out and we have a car dvd player that we haven't used yet and think that should help somewhat, but we haven't gone on a trip this long with our son since last summer and now that he's way more mobile and active, I worry that he's not going to do well that long in the car. When I say 10 hours, that is just what mapquest says, so I know it'll be longer with potty breaks for us and...