Nutrition: Toddler, Xopenex

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How to Break up Phlegm in 4 Year-old

Ok, so last time I posted I asked for help with my mosquito magnet 4 yo. Someone suggested menthol ointment on certain parts of body. I continue to spray my son with bite blocker and now add the menthol ointment, too. We've been doing this every day for weeks since the post. NOT.ONE.BUG.BITE. I swear, it's like a miracle. So, I'm testing my luck again for another miracle. My son gets bad coughing when he catches a cold that disturbs his naps and overnight sleep. He used to have severe breathing issues with a cold (and only with a...

Overweight or Underweight

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9 Month Old with a Cold and Cough

Hi. I have a 9 1/2 month old baby boy who has had a cough now for a couple of weeks and has just started with a stuffed up nose. At his last check up, the doctor didn't think anything of the cough... of course he didn't cough once while we were at the office. Now it is getting worse when he is asleep. We are using a humidifier and I've been putting Vicks baby rub on this chest. I even tried propping up one end of the mattress so his head would be raised. That didn't do any good because during the night he rolls a lot and ended up with...