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8 Mo Old Will Not Drink Juice

J.W. asks from Dallas

I need some help. My 8mo old boy will not drink water or juice. His doctors nurse is making me feel like a horrible mother, because i can"t get him to drink juice. ...


Juice for 1 Year Old

P.V. asks from Los Angeles

I would like to know what juice brands (lower sugar, organic etc.) are best for babies. I have been buying Gerber juice but am open to other suggestions.


I Need a Drink!

L.S. asks from Houston

I had my beautiful baby boy on May 7th. I am breastfeeding and I really NEED some wine! I haven't had a drink since I found out I was pregnant on August 31, 2007. Pe...


Son Will Not Drink from Sippy Cup

L.M. asks from Detroit

My nearly 11 month old son refuses to drink from sippy cups. He just chews on the spout and then throws it on the ground. I've purchased several cups and its the sa...


Is It Ok to Drink If Your Breast Feeding?

V.S. asks from Austin

I am breast feeding my 7 month old. I pump and freeze my milk for work. He eats baby food drinks juice and will drink my milk from a bottle. So my question how long d...


Learning to Drink from a Sippy Cup

R.K. asks from Chicago

My son just turned one yesterday, and I'm having trouble getting him to drink from a sippy cup. He doesn't understand to suck from it. He only wants to chew on it. ...


Won't Drink Milk from a Sippy Cup!

B.M. asks from Boston

Hi there, Since she turned 12 mos I have been trying to transition my now 14 mo. old daughter from the bottle to a sippy cup. She loves to drink water out of a sipp...


Can't Get Breastfed Baby to Drink from a Cup

J.J. asks from Jackson

My almost 11 month old brestfed baby will not drink juice from a cup. I have tried just about every cup that my local Walmart has, and I cannot get her to drink juice...


Will Not Drink Milk Out of Sippy Cup

D.T. asks from San Francisco

My one year old will not drink milk out of a sippy cup, he will drink it out of a bottle. He does drink water out of his sippy cup but not milk.


Can't Get My 14Mos Old to Drink Milk from a Cup!

A.S. asks from Scranton

Hi moms out there, I was woundering how I can get my 14mos old to drink milk from a sippy cup. She has been drinking from a sippy cup since she was 5mos old but the o...