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20-Month Old Sick & Won't Drink Much

L.C. asks from Sacramento

My 20-month old twins started their flu on Saturday night. As of last night, my son was still vomiting. I have been giving him Pedialyte...which he refuses to drink...


4 Year Old Doesn't like to Drink Water

M.K. asks from Chico

My four year old says water tastes yucky and won't drink it without a lot of cajoling. Does anyone have a suggestion how to encourage more water drinking or make the...


Milk Allergy Moms: What Do Your Kids Drink?

C.G. asks from Chicago

My son just turned one, and although he still breastfeeds 3x a day, I'm starting to add "milk" to his diet, in addition to the nursing and whatever water he drinks (n...


My 12 Mo Old Will Not Drink Regular Milk or Soy-

R.S. asks from Phoenix

I need some advice...My 12 mo old was breastfed up until now and refuses to drink regular & soy milk. Everytime I offer it, he takes a sip and spits it out all over....


Can Toddlers Drink Tea?

K.R. asks from Los Angeles

My 2 1/2 year old seems congested & has a slight cough. I don't want to give him milk that might aggravate the congestion, but I know Tea is soothing to me and I wou...


Non-dairy, High-calorie Drink for a Senior Who's Losing Weight

F.R. asks from Phoenix

Hi All, My father-in-law has been losing a lot of weight and feeling very sluggish recently. The doctor recommended that he drink milkshakes to boost his calorie in...


Cold Medicine That Dissolves in Mouth for a 2Yr Old????

C.Z. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mama's, I need some help for my neighbor. His 2 year old has a cold and is refusing and is doing anything to NOT take any sort of liquid or any medication. I re...


???Crystal Light???

M.C. asks from Albuquerque

My 16 month old daughter will not drink water. I have tried everything but she just won't drink it. Is crystal light safe for someone her age to drink if watered down...


Milk Subsitutes

C.C. asks from Spokane

I recently determined that my little Ben is allergic to milk. It seems like he's had a runny nose as long as I can remember =0( But I recently stopped giving him milk...


JFF Do You "Ration" the Expensive Food?

C.M. asks from Chicago

We are on a limited budget for food, but I know there are things that my daughter still loves to have. I realized today that I sort of unconsciously "ration" those ex...