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Backpack Recommendations, Please.

N.Z. asks from Los Angeles

I'm looking to buy a quality backpack that will last a few years, at least, for my 5 year old starting TK in the fall. Currently, she's using an LL Bean backpack that...


Drink Cup for Preschooler?

A.V. asks from Washington DC

My DD will start preschool soon and doesn't have a sports bottle or sippy cup. She has sippy cups from her toddler days for drinks in the car, but they seem too babyi...


Field Trip

A.M. asks from Rochester

My son has a field trip tomorrow...and I am worried about his lunch staying cold. He does not eat much...like he will not eat PB&J if I put it in there. So I just p...


Hot Non-caffeinated Beverages at Home

J.T. asks from Chicago

It's 31 degrees this morning in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Old Man Winter is knocking on this native Texan's door. I need to know what your favorite warm beverages are...


Lunch Ideas... 1St Grader Wants to Bring His Own Lunch to School.

C.H. asks from Chicago

Ok, so I have never had an option of bringing my own lunch to school and I figured since my son's school provides lunch and I just added money to his lunch card, I wa...


Lunch Boxes & Lunch

A.V. asks from Austin

Hi Ladies, My little one will start pre-school next month. I am supposed to send lunch. Please give me recommendations for lunch boxes (the ones made out of healthy ...


First Plane Ride with 6Mo Old

J.L. asks from Oklahoma City

I am taking my 6 mo old daughter on her first plane trip next month. Any suggestions? We have travled to Mississippi by car (12 hours) and she has done fine but we di...


Fundraising Suggestions

V.S. asks from Reading

So my kids will be going to a brand new school - not just new to them, completely new in the district - next year, and it is a specialty school that draws from all ov...


School Fundraising Ideas

L.T. asks from Hartford

I have just agreed to help my children's elementary school PTA with fundraising next year. As this is something I have no experience with, I was hoping to get some a...


Long Flight W/ a Toddler (23 Months Old)

C.C. asks from Los Angeles

I'm almost ready for our flight but because I'm traveling without my husband I'm a little concern on how my daughter is going to be on the airplane, I'm scare!! It's ...