What Do You Drink?

Updated on June 20, 2016
W.W. asks from Reston, VA
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I'm kicking my Coca-Cola habit again. I was so good last summer. Now? I slipped easily back into it.

I don't buy it. But when I go out? I have a Coke and a water. I drink both.

I DO drink water and iced tea. I have put lemon, cucumbers, strawberries, raspberries, etc, in my water....

I drink milk, but not a lot. I do love Chocolate milk - there is a brand - Promised Land - that I just love. It's not reduced fat milk, so it tastes good. I know some people don't like whole milk.

I do NOT like coffee - love the smell - can't stand the taste...

so my question is - what do you drink? Do you add stuff to your water? IF so - what?

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So What Happened?

thanks for the ideas and sharing!! I appreciate your time!!

I am trying to get away from any bubbly/carbonated drinks. I've never acquired the taste for seltzer water. I used to LOVE a sparkling water drink called "Clearly Canadian" - those were delicious!!

I don't drink alcohol either.

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answers from San Antonio on

Vodka.....(just kidding!!) ;-)

Iced Tea
Iced Water
Oh and start everyday with coffee, two cups maybe three...

I only use Stevia to sweeten.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I drink water, I drink wine (should be a song). I drink coffee. I drink tea if coffee is not available and wine would be inappropriate. I add ice cubes to my water. I drink tap not bottled because it is way better for the environment and it is FREE.

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answers from Portland on

I drink my coffee in the morning. Just enough to function.

I drink tea when I want a moment to sit and relax.

I drink water whenever I am thirsty.

I LOVE chocolate milk.

Just had a light beer with lunch.

I don't like flavored water.

I do like a good lemonade though.

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answers from Dallas on

I drink a LOT of water.

My daughter and I each have a pitcher that has 3 inserts, 1 is vented and for fresh fruit for infused water, 1 is for tea and 1 stays in the freezer to be used if you want your pitcher contents to stay cold. They sell these at Bed Bath Beyond but only in black and red. We ordered from Amazon and she got lime green and I got blue. Th colored part is the top of the pitcher and handle.

I drink a pitcher a day pretty much. My fruits vary from berries, lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, peaches, etc fresh mint, fresh spearmint, fresh peppermint. The water is best on day 2 after its had time to infuse.

If I crave carbonation, I'll drink a ginger ale or club soda. I don't drink any type of coke/Pepsi soft drinks.

I do not drink milk, never have. I hate it.

I love iced tea and drink a lot of it.

My daughter now has me hooked on the refreshers from Starbucks... Hibiscus, strawberry and lime.

I love the smell of coffee but I rarely drink it.

I go to bed with a large glass of infused water and I drink it during the night.

My favorite... A nice Cabernet and I enjoy about 2 glasses a night.

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answers from Wausau on

I used to drink Pepsi all the time but after going cold turkey on it a few years ago, I can't stand the sickeningly sweet anymore. The couple times in a year I drink a soda (usually when there is no water available) I go for Sierra Mist, 7up, or Sprite.

I prefer unflavored water. Our city has award-winning tap water. It doesn't bother me if a restaurant tosses a lemon in, but soaking cucumbers and berries gives the water a slightly slimy texture so I don't care for it even when the flavor is nice.

I do like coffee, so there's that. I usually drink it black. On rare occasion, I'll use a flavored creamer. I also like tea. Black, green, herbals. I don't like sweet iced tea.

I like lemonade when it is real - lemons, water, sugar. I don't make it at home, so it's a treat when I find it while out. I just had a cup from the farmer's market this morning.

I also like medium to dry wines and cheap American beer, on occasion. Definitely not the choice for staying hydrated.

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answers from Chicago on

ETA: Good luck on kicking the habit! I know it's hard. I feel like that high fructose corn syrup messes with our bodies and just makes you crave it more....grrrrr

I have a cup of coffe each morning with you ladies :-).
With a little bit of cream and a little bit of sugar.

I used to have a terrible Mountain Dew habit, but when I was pregnant with my daughter I had an aversion to all soft drinks. That helped me out tremendously.

Other then coffee, I just drink water plain.

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answers from Washington DC on

I drink a lot of water with lemon slices.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I drink one mini can of coke a day (down from 2 full size cans of diet coke a day). Other than that, I drink plain water.

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answers from Boston on

Good for you! It's not easy. For me, it goes back to childhood. When I was allowed to have soda, it was almost always Coke.

I don't buy it either, have been known to get one at the movies, maybe twice a year I give in. The high fructose corn syrup bothers me (intellectually, not physically) and the aspartame in the diet products it something we've sworn off entirely. To help me resist, I think back to when people started really talking about the problem with soda, and that's when the beverage industry decided to make up for sinking profits by convincing us we needed bottled water. Shipping municipal water from Atlanta to every other city in a plastic bottle made with petroleum products, busting budgets and using fossil fuels, and creating an environmental disaster - that's a mental image image I recall when I need to resist their marketing techniques! It helps!!

I finally got my husband off the caffeine & diet Coke, and the only way to do it was to get him plain seltzer (we have a local company). I'm going to get one of those machines that carbonates the tap water (Soda Stream or something similar). He likes the zero calories, adds a wedge of lime or lemon, or a splash of juice. Me, I add some of those things, plus vodka LOL!

Mostly we drink plain water from the tap. It's better regulated than bottled water and we're part of the annual town water quality testing process so we know exactly what's in our tap. We also use lemon slices or cucumber slices in our water especially if we are making a pitcher to serve at the table (us or guests) - that helps if people notice the taste difference from town and town, and it looks pretty for about 20 cents of "decorating". If we have lunch guests in the warm weather, I usually get a good, real lemonade.

We drink decaf tea (he likes it hot, I like it iced). I drink decaf coffee in the morning, usually just black (cream if I go out).

We work out, so we also drink a sports drink product we get from a food science company, with better hydrating properties than water and without the dyes or "vitamin-added" nonsense found in supermarket drinks like Gatorade and Powerade. It has a higher absorption rate so there's more benefit when sweating and far less peeing, so it's good for the beach or picnics too.

Oh yeah, and then there's the occasional beer or wine.

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answers from Santa Fe on

Mountain Spring water. I have them delivered in 5gallon glass bottles to the house once a month. I bring a glass bottle filled with mountain spring water from home wherever I go.

I refuse to use plastic bottles or drink out of Styrofoam. Tap water has a strange taste and contains too much chlorine for me. It is a chemical which can harm your system. I avoid it.

Other than that I juice fresh or drink all sorts of tea with milk. I also use fresh mint from my garden for tea. Rarely drink coffee. Never soda.

I own a small brewery and do some beer tasting but generally do not like alcohol to consume.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I usually drink coffee in the morning, tea (hot in the winter, cold in the summer) in the afternoon, water (with lemon) when I am thirsty and wine or beer in the evening. Very seldom a soft drink, and if so it's Coke, maybe ginger al if I am feeling sick. If I am eating at a restaurant I always have water.

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answers from Portland on

Cup of Yunnan tea every morning. Maybe a second one later. I take it with a bit of sugar and a splash of soy milk. Water throughout the day and in the evenings, maybe a glass of wine or a gin and tonic/gin and soda/martini. Mostly, though, water. Just plain water, no ice, run the tap until it's cold and that's good enough. I have a pitcher I take upstairs with me, too, so I always have water on hand.

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answers from Norfolk on

Water - lots of it.
When ever I don't know what I want - I'll drink a water while I'm thinking it over.
And by then I usually don't want anything anymore.
Mint (I've got a bed of it out in the middle of the lawn - I have to beat it back with a whip) with a little lemon or lime juice in water is refreshing.
Lemon balm is good in water too.
I like the Nestea water enhancer flavors - I can control how strong I want it.
I can't drink coffee except first thing in the morning otherwise it keeps me up all night and my bladder is getting more caffeine sensitive.
I'm not a milk drinker (never was) but I do like a nice cold glass of buttermilk once in awhile with a pinch of salt on top.
Fruit/yogurt smoothies are good too.
When I go out I have unsweet iced tea with lemon.
I've lost my taste for coke for the most part.
I'll have one once in awhile but I hardly do any sodas anymore.

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answers from Atlanta on

with the heat and humidity here in Georgia? I drink water and lemonade.

I used to do sweet tea, but Georgians idea of sweet tea is sugar water with a little bit of sugar!

Coca Cola is REALLY popular here. LOL.

I put lemons in my water. Lots of ice. Cucumbers are good too, but I have to use one of those filtered bottles for those.

Good luck in changing your habit!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Presently I'm either juicing fruits n veggies or dinking water. I'm on a 30-day juicing detox.

But normally, I will drink every tea under the sun except for teas w spices. I truly enjoy coffee too, w no sugar, just creamer. I love almond milk BUT NOT the silk brand #yuck. Smoothies are a winner too. I will drink my fruit w almond and coconut milk. If I drink a soda it's only ginger ale. I love everything ginger. I don't put anything in my water but I hear that placing lemon and cucumber in creates some fantastic vitamin filled water.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I reach for water most of the time. Just plain, ice cold water. I also like ginger-ale. Many of the typical popular varieties are really syrupy tasting to me, and I prefer Blenheim, but it is a small distribution label and I can't get it locally. Have to buy it when I travel to visit relatives near South Carolina/North GA.

I do like iced-coffee. Cream only-no sugar. Or in winter, hot spiced/chai tea (tsp of honey, or nothing added). On certain really hot, steamy days, I will zip through Sonic and get a slush. Green apple is my go-to flavor, but the strawberry lemonade one is good, too. And ChiKfila lemonade. Yum.

At home... water, coffee, hot tea, ginger ale (if I have any).

My teen son really likes the Baia drinks, and the Aloe Vera drinks also.

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answers from Washington DC on

Almond milk....Blue Diamond unsweetened is the best
Juice .......watered down to avoid sugars
Water...... with a splash of juice for a little change
Love any infused water, but it gets yucky after a day or two...pineapple with citrus or berries is yummy!
Raspberry lemonade....has a ton of sugar but still love it!
Chamomile tea

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answers from Phoenix on

Club soda with a splash of coke. Hits the spot.

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answers from San Diego on

I drink mostly ice water all day. I have my coffee in the mornings with a little bit of sugar. If we're out I'll get a lemonade unless it's the chemical stuff and then I pass and get a Sprite (or other brand equivalent) or just water. I can't do diet drinks of any kind because the diet sweeteners give me migraines and I also don't like the metallic taste, this means I can't use any of those water flavor packets they sell like those Crystal Light ones. We rarely have soda in the house at all. When we do it's either Hanson's or we'll pick up a variety of fun flavors from BevMo. Those can last us months when they are in the house because we don't drink them all the time. I don't drink milk of any kind. The family is lactose intolerant so we only use soy milk but I don't like drinking that either. I do enjoy sweet tea as a rare treat. I'll buy a bottle of the Gold Peak brand every once in a blue moon and it'll last a week or so depending on how much I share with the kids. I also like their green tea. Those are rare treats though.

We've bought fruit infuser pitchers for water. Some things worked better than others. They were a lot of work though. Costco sells big bottles of Italian lemon juice in their cooking section from I think they are called Volcano lemons which are naturally a little sweeter than standard lemons. We'll put a splash of that in our cup of water often. We leave the bottle in the door so it's easy to grab.

My husband was totally addicted to Coke. He had to wean himself off of it. He recommends Tejava brand unsweetened tea if you want the caffeine. He used to drink 6 cans a day of Coke. He dropped that down to 3 cans of Diet then cut that out too. We bought a Soda Stream machine. My husband would use it on regular water, tea, his coffee and anything else he drank because he liked the bubbles without the sugar and soda part. Buying sparkling water is another good thing to use to help kick the soda addiction, and it is honestly an addiction with withdrawal and everything.

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answers from Springfield on

milk, wine, water, juice and sparkling fruit juices.

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answers from Washington DC on

I drink a cup of coffee every morning...sometimes two and sometimes one in the afternoon. Depends on the day! I have to have creamer in it, but no sugar.

Mostly I drink water though. I do unsweet iced tea at home and that's what I will order at a restaurant too, but a LOT of water. I will drink some soda at the movie theater, but that's it. And I don't prefer it.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I like the Mio water enhancer because I can add just a tiny bit for flavor.

My guilty pleasure is Tazo chai tea latte. I buy the mix in the tea aisle and make it with milk. It's so good, but I consider it a guilty pleasure because it's got a ton of sugar.

In restaurants I only get water because I'm too cheap to pay $2.00 for $0.15 of soda syrup.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I drink pop. Mostly. I do buy a case of drinking water though because my home water is pretty nasty.

I don't drink tea anymore and if I try to it's really awful. I used to love Luzianne Decaffeinated Tea with about a half cup of sugar per gallon. But not anymore. Yuck!

So I drink water and pop. I don't drink a LOT of pop. I use a LOT of ice so when I fill a 44 ounce cup with ice a 12 ounce can just about fills the cup. Like I said, a LOT of ice. As it sits and melts throughout the day it gets more water in it anyway.

I think that if you want to have more water then you just have to find what tastes good to you. If you're spending a lot of money on fruit and stuff to put in your water so you'll drink it why not just make it tea or Kool Aid and add a bunch of ice so it's majorly diluted. Maybe you can get enough water in that way.

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answers from New York on

Water. Water with lemon and honey. Water with a splash of juice. Wine. Coffee with a touch of milk.

Don't really like sweet or fizzy. Savory is my weakness. I could eat a tub of Parmesan artichoke spread, hummus, sundried tomato paste or calamatta olives without nary a thought.

Good luck getting back on the wagon.
F. B.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

I don't drink water. Can't stand the stuff. I also can't stand the taste of milk - neither real milk nor plant "milks." Soda is too sweet - I can't finish a can of the stuff. I don't drink anything labeled "Diet'- Nutrasweet and other noncaloric sweeteners leave a vile aftertaste in my mouth, and I don't care for overly sweet drinks anyway.

I drink unsweetened iced tea with a splash of fruit juice in it.
I drink coffee - unsweetened, with a splash of half and half.
I drink fruit juice - 100% juice, not "fruit drink."
I drink seltzer with a splash of fruit juice if I want something fizzy.

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answers from Phoenix on

I drink a cup of coffee in the morning with a ton of creamer and Splenda.

During the day I will drink one can of Coke Zero (that's what hubby drinks) if I'm out of Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. But I try to limit it to only one can.

I also drink Iced Tea. I have an electric pitcher that makes it from tea bags. I like to try different flavors and I have to put Splenda in it too.

When I drink water it's bottled and I usually add one of those sugar free flavor packets.

I never drink any kind of alcohol.

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answers from Chicago on

Lipton Diet Green Tea Citrus. Love it!

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answers from Boca Raton on

i don't drink soda. i have cappuccino first thing in the morning. the ice-cold le croix all day long. when out, i order water.

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