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N.Z. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies... My daughter has been having the hardest time with formula. She spits up insanely and is colicky...my Dr. said he thinks it's time for nutramigen. My...


Toddler Version of Nutramigen?

B.E. asks from Jacksonville

Is there a "toddler formula" like Nutramigen? My 14 old son cannot tolerate cow's milk, lactose free cow's milk, goat's milk, soy milk, or almond milk. I have not...


Has Anyone Tried Enfamil Nutramigen Formula?

R.C. asks from Houston

We have been having problems with my 7 month old son throwing up real bad and I took him to the doctor on Friday and they determined that he was still having issues w...


1 Year Old Doesn't Drink milk...what to Give Him

D.B. asks from Dallas

My one year old was on Nutramigen as an infant and refused it at 10 1/2 months. We tried whole milk but it was tough on his system. We tried Rice Milk and he would ...


1 Year Old Drinking Nutramigen Formula ....what Do I Give Her Next?

J.T. asks from Phoenix

I was told she has a milk/protein allergy so we put her on the nutramigen, but what do I move her onto? She can't have soy or cows milk so now what? She eats solids b...


Getting 1 Year Old to Drink Milk

K.D. asks from Dayton

My son just got switched from formula to regular milk and he doesn't seem to want to drink it....i've tried just about everything...he was on isomil advance before he...


10 1/2 Month Old Won't Drink ANY Milk

C.L. asks from Philadelphia

My 10 1/2 month old son was 100% breastfed up until about 10 months old. We were giving him bottles occasionally of pumped breastmilk which he never had a problem tak...


Milk Allergy, Acid Reflux or WHAT???

J.L. asks from Charlotte

I daughter is 6 1/2 weeks old and is having issues with feeding. Symptoms: Spitting up - a lot now that on Nutramigen, before it was occasional. Diarrhea - for a...


11 Month Old Fights Bottle

L.E. asks from Nashville

My 11 month old desperately fights me to take her bottle. She has always seemed to hate her bottle, and we have tried every formula and are now using nutramigen. Sh...


I Can't Afford Formula for My Baby

W.W. asks from Sacramento

My daughter has an allergy to milk based formulas, so we are having to put her on Nutramigen. It is extremely expensive, but is the only thing that seems to be workin...