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Getting My Baby to Drink Water

M.M. asks from Los Angeles

I just started solids last Saturday and I'm having trouble getting my daughter to drink water. I've tried two different sippy cups (Nuby and Born Free) and her bottl...


18-Month-olds Won't Drink Milk from a Cup

A.B. asks from New York

My 18-month-old twins were getting milk from nursing in the mornings and evenings, and drinking milk from bottles at daycare a couple times a day. Our pediatrician ha...


Will Not Drink Milk Out of Sippy Cup

D.T. asks from San Francisco

My one year old will not drink milk out of a sippy cup, he will drink it out of a bottle. He does drink water out of his sippy cup but not milk.


Son Will Not Drink from Sippy Cup

L.M. asks from Detroit

My nearly 11 month old son refuses to drink from sippy cups. He just chews on the spout and then throws it on the ground. I've purchased several cups and its the sa...


How Do I Get My Son to Drink Milk from a Sippy Cup??

K.E. asks from Chicago

I have a wonderfully happy little 18-month-old boy. He is getting to be a much better eater than before, however, he will ONLY take his milk from a bottle at night. H...


My 2.5 Year Old Does Not Drink Milk

A.D. asks from San Francisco

I have a 2.5 year old daughter who will not drink milk from a cup (I've tried many different kinds - sippy, straw, open, etc.). I continued to allow her to use a bott...


My 9 1/2 Month Old Won't Drink Anything

E.L. asks from New York

Hi Mamas. I need help. I'm a SAHM (until he turns one and then I will be going back to work) and have ONLY breastfed my son since birth. He never really took to a ...


Help 12 Month Old Drink More

J.C. asks from Denver

My little sweetie is almost a year, but still doesn't like to drink many fluids. He is breastfeeding still, but I am not sure if my breastmilk is getting him enough h...


Need Advice for Older Baby Who Does Not Want to Drink!

T.W. asks from Spartanburg

Hello everyone, I have an eleven month old baby girl who is not drinking enough all of a sudden. I have read that she should be drinking at least 24 ounces a day, a...


14 Month-old Won't Drink Milk from Cup

M.C. asks from Detroit

I am transitioning my son from the bottle to a sippy cup. He hates the sippy cup and will only drink a few ounces from it and then shakes his head no and will not dr...