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Updated on September 13, 2011
J.C. asks from Belton, MO
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Hi all. Just wondering if you guys had any tricks for getting your kids to drink juice and water? So far my daughter wont touch water.. and I just tried orange juice with her tonight (diluted with water), and she drank between .25 and .40 of what I gave her. That's the most i've seen. (i've tried a couple other juice flavors as well) She normally just drinks almond milk.. and I did figure out yesterday she likes the low cal gatorade. Just thought I'd see if I can get her some variety. thanks :)

P.S. she's 13 months

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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies for some great ideas. Going to head to the store tonight before picking her up to check out the Mio and other ideas offered :)

She did drink an 8 oz glass with a squirt of Mio today after I picked her up from daycare. (I also bought a lemon i will cut up and some celestial seasonings tea) I will try the ice thing tomorrow.. I really appreciate all the great suggestions & will try them all :)

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answers from Dallas on

We don't do juice, at all. However, I do brew herbal tea (Celestial Seasonings. Totally safe and caffeine free.) and keep it in the fridge. When he wants something other then water, I put that in his cup.

I would stay away from the Gatorade. It's REALLY bad. Here's a bit of info.

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answers from Rochester on

It's great that she doesn't drink juice...really, it's just empty calories. My youngest, 16 months, has tried juice maybe twice and has never liked it, so I don't give it to her. I nurse her, and for meals she drinks water flavored with MiO or plain water, both of which she's receptive to. Maybe try very LIGHTLY flavoring the water (that's why I like Mio so much...just a tiny squirt is good.)

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answers from Cincinnati on

You didnt mention how old she was? I assume somewhere in the 1-2 year range.
Personally I did not do juice...we just never had it around and I didnt want to buy it specially for her because the big bottle would go bad. I did buy some of those bottled water powder pack shakers of kool-aid to see if she liked juice.
what worked for me (when she was 1-2 years old) was giving her a 'big girl cup (no sippy cup) and putting ice in it and letting her drink from the big girl cup (just DONT be on the carpet incase theres a mess). Now she is almost 3 and her thing is the crazy straws...so I let her drink from there. something else I noticed is mine also like capri-suns...but she is not a fan of the juice boxes..mine LOVES ICE water and milk...so I typically give her that...she gets juice when we are outdoors and shopping (when I feel she needs the extra energy)
PS I give my kid Gatoraide too.. but she gets about 4oz every 6 months...again we just dont do juice...water is sooo convienent.LOL

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answers from San Antonio on

All I know is DON'T get her a juice box for as long as you can hold out. Once she gets a box, she won't want anything else. We used to dilute juice 50/50 or so. Then, one day I got my son a juice box with his fast food kids meal. Oh man that juice was 100% strength and so yummy that he barely touches the diluted stuff now.

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answers from St. Louis on

forget the Gatorade.....unless you're substituting it for Pedialyte during illness!

try apple juice....orange juice offends a lot of kids. Oh, & I dilute juice with water....always!

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answers from Fargo on

Have you tried water with a lemon or lime slice? My daughter LOVED to have a lemon slice floating in her sippy cup. Now she loves natural sparkling water with a squirt of lemon, lime or grapefruit for a treat.

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answers from Kansas City on

I also wanted to suggest, since you have some good advice so far, to try using a different vessel for water. My kids loved to drink out of my glass of water at that age, so if you drink lots of water, she'll think it's cool too. Also, my son wanted to be like big sister and so we got him his own stainless steel water bottle to fill with water. He loved it! He was a bit messy with it at that age, but since it was just water it didn't matter too much, especially if we were outside. Even a straw sippy cup might be fun!

I also agree to stay away from as much juice and especially gatorade as much as possible. The Gatorade is really high in sodium and stuff since it's meant to be used for sporting and exercise. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Sometimes, I'll give my toddlers a treat and buy the 100% White Grape Juice and mix about 50/50 with water. The grape gives it a really good flavor, but it won't stain since it's white grape.


answers from Providence on

I believe I used more water then juice, but in flavors like apple,grape, orange, white grape, lemonade etc. all organic,and 100% juice. Do not get the juices that contain sugar. It's horrible for their teeth. I still dillute my sons juice at 7 years old.



answers from Portland on

I've read several times that often people have to try something new dozens of times before they like it. I suggest that you keep offering her water. I would continue to also mix a little juice with the water some of the time. The fact that she drank .25-.40 of it this time shows that she liked it. Perhaps she quit because she was full. No need to drink a whole glass.

I'd stay away from low cal gatorade. I think it's low cal because it has an artificial sweetener in it. I wouldn't want to give my baby chemicals.

How old is your daughter? If she's around 1, I wouldn't be concerned about getting her to drink anything but milk. It's still an important part of her nutrition.



answers from Oklahoma City on

She can have 4-6 oz. of straight juice a day. She does not have to have it mixed with water. It is considered to be a serving of fruit.


answers from Houston on

Don't worry about giving her juice right now, it's mostly just empty calories and sugar. I don't know how old she is, I didn't start giving my kids juice until they were about 3.

Look for 100% apple, grape or orange juice and dilute it 50% or more with water.

One thing we do on occasion, is I get the no-sugar, low calorie drink mix that you mix into a pitcher of water. It's just a Great Value walmart brand and comes in a tall white plastic box. It still has artificial colors and flavoring though, so it's pretty rare when I make it.



answers from Washington DC on

Definitely keep offering water - it's the best thing for her! I sort of did "the right thing" by accident, because I'm not a juice drinker myself (You know how it goes, if mom doesn't like it it doesn't get in the grocery cart. We were married 3 or 4 years before my husband asked me why I never bought triscuits! Uhhh, because I hate those things??) Anyway, neither one of my girls drinks much juice. Occasionally they'll have a juice box at the pool or party. But seriously, I can't remember the last time I bought a giant container of juice (maybe 2005?) Kids just don't need it. The other day I did notice a few random juice boxes in my garage. I asked my 7 year old daughter if she wanted one for her lunch box and she said "No, just a water bottle" Of course, that one doesn't drink milk either, but that's a whole different story.... Keep filling that cup with water and milk :)


answers from Dallas on

My kids hate orange juice! Try apple it's sweeter. My 4 year old wouldn't drink water to dave her life! I don't push it

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