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My One Year Old Baby Girl Is in 10Th Percentile for Her Weight. Any Advice?

S.P. asks from Phoenix

My baby's first birthday was yesterday. She has not been gaining weight since 6 months of age. She weighs 17lbs 14ozs. I have exclusively breastfeed her even though m...


Toddler Refuses milk...need a Calcium Supplement Recommendation

S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh

My 17 month old dd will NOT drink milk, or have cereal with milk in it, cheese, etc. Not even fortified OJ (she won't drink juice, either, but I'm okay with that). Sh...


Need Help Getting 3 1/2 Year Old Son to Give up Bottle

S.L. asks from Washington DC

My son is almost 3 1/2 years old and will be starting preschool this fall. He drinks whole milk from the bottle once in the morning, once in the afternoon before his...


HELP! I Have to Supplement My Milk with Some Formula- My Worst Nightmare!!!

D. asks from Chicago

Hey Mamas, I have been strictly nursing my lil'man and he is now 9 1/2 months. He takes plenty of jar food and cereal in addition. My milk supply has dramatically de...


Continuously Constipated 10 Month Old

S.P. asks from Santa Fe

My little girl Lucy has been constipated for the last month. It was right at the time that she started to eat solids on a regular basis, so I know that is the culprit...


Drinkable Breakfast for Toddler

T.S. asks from Philadelphia

My son is 19 months old. I've been noticing that at breakfast, sometimes he will eat and sometimes he won't. More often he will eat a few bites of Cheerios and then w...


Formula Question

M.L. asks from Appleton

i am switching to formula and im wondering what a good kind is. i want something close to breast milk thats also easy to digest. thanks


Formula Brand Suggestions for 6 Month Old Breastfed Baby

R.K. asks from Minneapolis

My 6 month old son is currently breastfed. We are having issues with reoccuring biting and refusal to take a bottle. I am starting up school in the fall with a full s...


Weaning My 6 Month Old

A.W. asks from Phoenix

I plan on starting to wean my daughter after she turns 6 months old next week. I have about a 3 months supply of breastmilk frozen and plan on pumping until my suppl...


Baby Has Lots of Gas Pain

N.G. asks from Salinas

Hello! My 4 month old is very gassy and cries in pain for 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. I have given up dairy, tried different non-allergenic formulas, myclin drops, g...