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M.B. asks from Nashville

Hi i was wondering when you start to give your baby juice my daughter is 12 weeks...and i never heard when to give them juice



J.M. asks from St. Cloud

Trying to decide if I should start my son on juice or not. If any other nursing moms out there could help, that would be great. He is 6 months old, he eats cereal in ...


8 Mo Old Will Not Drink Juice

J.W. asks from Dallas

I need some help. My 8mo old boy will not drink water or juice. His doctors nurse is making me feel like a horrible mother, because i can"t get him to drink juice. ...


Baby Juice?

C. asks from Houston

At what age do you start babies on juice?


Juice Question

L. asks from Dallas

I recently started giving my 7 month old small amounts of apple or white grape juice. (he drinks water also but it is harder to get him to take that) I am told not to...


Introducing Juice

T.M. asks from Reno

Hi, I am starting my 4 1/2 month old on juice. We recently switched her to Soy formula and it is making her bowel movements thicker and harder for her to get out...so...


When to Start on Juice...

J.G. asks from Canton

I was wondering when you started your infant on juice. Mine will be 7 months this week. I heard to water it down. What kind do you buy? I saw they have a toddler ...


Diluting Juice

S.J. asks from Jackson

My daughter is 19 months old. Im wondering when I can quit diluting her juice. I know its better to dilute acidic juices, but when did you stop watering down juice??


Juice Question

D.L. asks from Kansas City

I was wondering if I can start giving or when I can start giving my daughter juice. She 6 months old and thought that at some point she can start having juice. I ha...


Offering Juice

J.S. asks from Detroit

Hello Ladies~ I have a 9 ½ month old who takes (on average) (3) 8oz bottles daily. For breakfast he has a bowl cereal and a jar of baby food fruit. For lunch an...