Juices: The First Years

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Juice Pros and Cons

A.R. asks from Chicago

My doctor says no juice (for my almost 12-month old) due to sugar and the fact that real fruits are best. My husband has not talked to our doctor but wants to know wh...


Why Give Babies Juice?

H.R. asks from Chicago

I know so many people and have read many feeding guidelines that suggest giving babies juice in a sippy cup at around 6-8 months in addition to other feeding. My que...


Won't Drink Milk from a Cup

A. asks from Milwaukee

My 13-month old daughter will not drink milk from a sippy cup...only a bottle. Her doctor said she doesn't need to drink much milk as long as she's getting dairy fro...


Son Won't Drink Water

R.L. asks from Spokane

My 2 1/2 won't drink water. It didn't bother me so much when it wasn't so hot, even though I know he should, but now that it's hot he needs to. Yesterday at the bab...


Gettting a Toddler to Drink Milk

L.P. asks from Minneapolis

Hi, my son is 13m and we switched him from a bottle to a sippy cap and from formula to milk. he didn't like whole milk so we put him on 2% which he liked for a week a...


My Daughter Will ONLY Drink Formula

S.Z. asks from Portland

My dear daughter is only 9 months old, but she will NOT drink anything but formula. As soon as she tastes it, she makes a gross face and throws it on the floor. She...


What to Give Toddler to Drink?

M.I. asks from Orlando

I'm curious what other moms give their kids to drink. I trying to cut back on juices that have a lot of sugar or colored drinks, since I'm finding little pink spots ...


How Do You Get a 2 Year Old to Drink His Milk?

N.H. asks from Harrisburg

My 2 year old really doesn't like to drink his milk. Does anyone have any successful ways to get a kid to drink his milk? I've tried using chocolate milk powder and t...


14 Month Old Will Not Drink Regular Milk

G.B. asks from Anchorage

I've had to stop breastfeeding due to meds that I have to take. My daughter refuses to drink regular milk. Her doctor suggested diluting the milk with water. I've ...


HELP!! My Son Won't Drink from Anything but the Breast

L.S. asks from New York

My son is 10.5 months, at 8.5 months he started refusing the bottle which was breast milk. He would get the bottle 2-3x a week from our nanny and an occasional babysi...