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Updated on October 11, 2010
S.M. asks from Denton, TX
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This is a silly question. I had asked a question earlier regarding my baby not moving as much (I am 27 weeks pregnant) and several people said if I drink some orange juice the baby will start moving a lot. I was just wondering, what is it specifically about orange juice that will make the baby move? Will any juice do this, or just orange? If I ate fresh oranges, would I get the same reaction? I find this fascinating because I have never heard it before.

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I've never heard of that but I can tell you than when I was pregnant with my first, anytime I would eat trail mix, she would start moving like crazy! If she hadn't moved in awhile, I would eat trail mix and away she went!

Have you tried it yet?

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answers from Dallas on

Not a silly question. It is the sugar in the orange juice that is getting the baby to move. Any juice with a high sugar content will work but orange juice works best. With that said, don't over do the sugar. Congrats on your pregnancy!

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Every baby is different... some move a lot, some don't. You can't be drinking orange juice all day just to make him move.

I would, tell your OB/GYN.... about his movements slowing... since you notice a difference.
THAT is what you should do.... not just 'make' him move, with orange juice.

My daughter moved a lot when I was pregnant. My son, did not. And he is more mellow.

But, anytime you notice a difference in baby's movements/activity... ask your OB/GYN.


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Exactly what PS said, it's the high sugar content. I don't know from experience if it works, since it was a trigger for morning sickness early in my 1st pregnancy and I haven't been able to drink it since. The smell of it still makes me nauseous (and my ODS is almost 3.5!).

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