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Son Will Not Drink Milk

A.W. asks from Kansas City

My son will be two next month and broke himself from the bottle about 3-4 months ago. He would drink 2-4 8 oz. bottles of milk then. Ever since he broke himself from ...


12 Month Old Won't Drink Milk

W.B. asks from New York

I am weaning my 12 month old daughter and she will not drink milk from the sippy cup. She will drink water from the cup, but not milk. Any suggestions/strategies woul...


Toddler Will Only Drink Mik from Bottle

M.B. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any advice on this issue. My son is almost 2 and will only drink milk from a bottle. He will drink water all day long from...


My Son Will Not Drink Milk Unless It Is in a Bottle....

A.C. asks from Springfield

Does anyone have any idea of how to get my 2 1/2 year old son to drink milk from anything but a baby bottle. He has one in the morning and one before bed and refuses...


15 Month Old Does Not Want to Drink Milk

D. asks from San Antonio

My 15 month old grandson just stopped breastfeeding and now will not drink milk of any kind. I am concerned he is not getting the calcium etc. he needs. Does anyone h...


Breakfast Drink for 4 Year Old

S.B. asks from Boston

Hi Moms, My very skinny 4 year old is due to start preschool. He takes forever to eat breakfast and doesn't really want to eat until later in the morning. Wondered i...


Brushing Toddlers Teeth (Or "How to Not Want to Drink at 8:30 Every Morning")

K.L. asks from Cleveland

I am going nuts. I know, I should have pushed this issue long ago. But I didn't, and now I'm paying, and so is my kid. My son just turned two. He didn't even g...


Toddler Won't Eat!

I.M. asks from Colorado Springs

My 14 month old daughter is refusing to eat and drink just about everything! She'll drink milk and she'll eat little bites from our plates, but is refusing pretty mu...


Drinking More Water

T.A. asks from Nashville

If anyone has any ideas on how to get my 10 month old daughter to drink more water, i'd sure apprecialte. we have tried adding some juice to it just to give it taste...


How Much Milk for a 15 Mo Old?

N.B. asks from Milwaukee

Hi, I was just wondering how many ounces of milk a 15 mo old is supposed to be getting? I want to try to get my daughter to drink exclusively from a sippy cup. I st...